How much do music lessons cost in Montreal Quebec?

Music lessons price

Are you wondering how much do music lessons cost in Montreal Quebec? The answer to this question depends on a few different factors.  That said, if you are a beginner who is simply looking to learn the basics, then the average price is around $40 an hour in Montreal.

Lesson length

Music teachers offer different lesson lengths. Usually, the length is 30, 45 or 60 minutes.  The price will vary depending on how long the lessons are.  For children, 30 minutes is ideal, because kids don’t have the attention span for longer lessons.  For adults, 60 minutes is ideal, but 45 minutes can work as well.

Teaching specialty

The price will vary depending on the level of specialty the student is looking for in a teacher.  As a general rule, the more specialized the teacher, the higher the price.  For example, it is not uncommon for a high-level classical violin teacher at McGill University to charge upwards of $120 per one-hour lesson.

What is the average price of music lessons for beginners in Montreal?

The following information was calculated as an average of 10 different music teachers from each instrument category (piano, voice, guitar, drums, violin and saxophone).  All these teachers possess advanced university degrees in Music. 

The information was gathered from  A music teaching service that connects qualified music teachers to students across the island of Montreal. The information was gathered to figure out just how much do music lessons cost in Montreal Quebec. 

Piano lessons 

30 minutes: $25.00

45 minutes: $33.50

60 minutes: $41.00

Voice lessons

30 minutes: $24.50

45 minutes: $31.95

60 minutes: $40.00

Guitar lessons 

30 minutes: $25.61

45 minutes: $32.30

– 60 minutes: $39.00

Violin lessons

30 minutes: $27.60

45 minutes: $31.60

– 60 minutes: $44.00

Drum lessons

30 minutes: $25.40

45 minutes: $33.00

– 60 minutes: $40.30

Saxophone lessons

30 minutes: $22.50

45 minutes: $32.50

– 60 minutes: $40.00

Ukulele lessons 

30 minutes: $25.61

45 minutes: $32.30

– 60 minutes: $39.00

At home or in studio

The previous information about lesson prices is for in-studio lessons, meaning the student travels to the teacher’s studio to receive the lessons.  If you wish to get in-home lessons, where the teacher comes to you, you should expect to pay a transportation fee.  This fee is to account for the travel cost and time for the teacher to come to your house.  The average fee ranges from an extra $5 if the distance is close to up to $10 if the distance is further away.

Lesson packages

Most teachers charge their lessons in the form of some kind of lesson package.  Meaning you won’t just buy one lesson (unless it’s a trial lesson,) you will most likely buy 4 lessons a month, or 12-15 lessons for a semester (3-4 months.)  Some teachers offer discounts for larger lesson packages, but some do not. 

Buying lesson packages is a good idea

For one, it gives the teacher a guarantee that you are serious about lessons.  This helps them pace the learning material properly to guarantee quality results and progress.  It also helps the student commit psychologically to the fact that learning an instrument is a long-term process and doesn’t come from only taking a couple of lessons.

Is the Mcgill Conservatory worth the price?

What is the cost of the Mcgill Conservatory compared to the average in Montreal?

The McGill Conservatory offers private lessons for piano, guitar, voice and recorder.  they charge a higher rate for instrumental lessons than in most schools.  They also require students to commit to an entire session which ranges from 10-13 weeks during the year and 6 over the summer. 

The Classical Tradition

The McGill Conservatory is steeped in the classical tradition. Students interested in this approach may find it worth paying the higher price because of the extra services and the quality of the teachers.  That said, you can very well find an equally qualified teacher at the standard price and avoid all the bureaucracy. For more information on the Mcgill Conservatory 


30 minutes: $38.50

45 minutes: $52.00

60 minutes: $62.50


30 minutes: $40.80

45 minutes: $54.30

60 minutes: $64.80

Specialized lessons in Jazz and Classical music

Teachers with high-level reputations as teachers or performers and who are often associated with a university charge between $50-$70 an hour in Montreal. Although, as I mentioned earlier classical violin teachers at the same level can charge up to $120 an hour.  For advanced music students or students who are looking to pursue music as a career, finding this kind of teacher is the way to go.

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About the author: Elijah is a university-educated drummer with extensive experience in both teaching and musical performance.  Since completing his Bachelor of Music degree at Concordia University in 2010, he has played music across each province in Canada and in more than 20 countries around the world.

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