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      Start your piano lessons in the Montreal area!  Our highly skilled piano teachers will help you on your musical journey of playing piano. Whether you are a parent looking for the ideal piano teacher for your child, a professional who is looking to perfect their craft, or simply a hobbyist who is interested in learning to play your favourite song; our teachers can help you reach your goals faster.

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      What makes a good piano teacher for kids?

      Finding a good piano teacher for children is not the same as finding one for adults.  A good teacher for a child needs to have experience with kids and understand what makes them tick.  We’ve written a great blog post on the topic: 5 Tips for Teaching Music to Children.

      Piano lessons Montreal

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      What age should children take piano lessons?

      The recommended age for piano lessons Montreal is between 5-9 years old. Children under 5 will have a difficult time learning the necessary skills for playing the piano (fingering, learning the notes, reading, etc.)  That said, children under 5 can certainly take music lessons, but those lessons should be more focused on simple percussion, singing, and simple ear training.

      Where can I buy a keyboard in Montreal?

      Steve’s Music offers a range of good keyboard options.

      If you are looking for a cheaper option (perhaps to see if your child likes it first) you can purchase a low cost keyboard on amazon for $130.00. (only has 61 keys)

      Piano Lessons Montreal cheap first keyboard option

      Low Cost Keyboard

      For something a little more permanent but still affordable you can purchase the Yamaha P-45 with 88 weighted keys (just like a real piano) for $629.99.

      Piano Lessons Montreal keyboard recommendation

      Yamaha – Better Quality


      Musiprof is a music school that offers private piano lessons for adults and children alike.  If you are looking to learn jazz piano, classical, world music, or any kind of popular music we have the right teacher to meet your needs.  Our teachers have experience with students off all ages and can help you reach your goal of reading music, improvisation, composition and much more.  There is no substitute for a great teacher, youtube doesn’t even come close!

      Which part of the city can I have my lessons?

      Lessons are offered in all 19 Boroughs of the city of Montreal such as Downtown, NDG, Montreal West, Westmount, Lasalle, Verdun and much more.  Lessons are also available in the West Island, Longueuil, Brossard and the south shore.