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      Start your drum lessons in Montreal! Our teachers possess advanced degrees in music and can help you reach your musical goals.  Whether you want to learn the drum beat to your favourite song, join a band, or audition to get into college, our teachers will help get you there faster and make sure you have fun doing it! Our drum lessons are individualized and tailored to students of all skill levels and ages.  Our step by step approach will help you learn to play drums more effectively than you ever could by simply using youtube! Online drum lessons are also available.

      Elijah Drum Lesson Montreal Downtown

      Elijah - Downtown

      • All levels and ages
      • rock, jazz, pop, funk, latin, heavy metal
      • Fun guaranteed!

      $25 - $33 - $40

      Josh drum lessons montreal old port

      Josh - Old Port

      • Technique Training
      • Posture
      • Grip and sound production 

      $30 - $45 - $60

      Cours de batterie Montreal avec Sergio D'Isanto

      Sergio - Villeray

      • Rock, funk, blues, jazz, swing, samba and Bossa nova
      • Body Percussions

      $24 - $32 - $39

      drum lessons montreal with Greg

      Greg - Parc Extension

      • Fun and supportive learning environment
      • Avoid injury on the instrument

      $25 - $35 - $45

      ukulele lessons in Montreal with Pierre

      Pierre - Plateau

      • Fundamentals
      • Pop/rock/Jazz
      • Improvisation

      $34 - $40 - $44

      Cours de batterie Montreal

      Paulo - DDO/West-Island

      • Technique/ fundamentals
      • Rhythm/ time keeping
      • How to play with musicians

      $26 - $33 - $40

      How it Works

      Step 1

      Search for a teacher:

      Compare different teachers based on criteria that matter to you, including location, age, experience, teaching style.

      Step 2

      How to register for lessons​

      Book a trial lesson on your desired teachers page. After the trial, lessons are sold in groups of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

      Step 3

      Connect with your teacher:

      After purchase, your teacher will contact you to schedule the first lesson. Lessons take place once a week in home, at the teachers studio or online.

      drum lessons montreal: drumsticks resting on on a snare drum.

      What equipment do I need for my drum lessons Montreal?

      You only need 3 things before you show up to your first drum lesson: a pair of drum sticksa note-book, and a smile!  The teacher will provide the drum-set, unless you have signed up for home-lessons. In general, it is a good idea for students to own a drum-set for home practise, but this is not required.

      Electronic or acoustic drum-set?

      The biggest question is whether to buy and electronic drum-set or a traditional acoustic one.  It is best to learn on an acoustic drum-set because the student learns to understand “touch” and how to bring the sound out of the instrument.  That said, many city dwellers simply cannot have an instrument as loud as an acoustic drum-set in their homes, so in many cases an electronic drum-set is the way to go.  Electronic drum-sets are a lot of fun and offer a quieter and worthwhile alternative to an acoustic kit.

      The advantages of an electronic drumset and an acoustic drumset

      How much does it cost to buy a drum-set?

      The average price of a beginner-intermediate drum-set ranges between $300-$1000. For more information read How much does a drum-set cost: a beginner’s guide. 

      Are you a Beginner Drummer?

      The best way to learn drums is to find a teacher that can make learning drums fun.  A good teacher will try to understand your musical tastes a suggest songs that inspire you to practise.  That said, there are several classic songs that are great to learn no matter what your musical tastes.  Our Teacher Elijah put together a blog post called 5 easy Drum Songs for Beginners to get you playing your first beat in less than 5 minutes!  The post includes a free video and PDF download to help you practice.

      What About Drum Technique?

      Learning drum-set technique is one of the best things to work on in order to improve your abilities as a drummer. Technique is best learnt using a practise pad.  We recommend getting a 12-14 pad because it fits nicely inside a snare stand.  The reason drummers use practise pads is because they maximize rebound, they are quiet (so you can practise in front of the T.V. 😉 and they allow you to hear the tone of the stick.

      Example Rudiment: The Paradiddle

      An example of the paradiddle in eighth notes

      The most common drum rudiment for learning technique is the paradiddle.  It’s a simple pattern that is easy to learn, however what’s important when learning technique is so much the pattern itself but the form and grip that is used.  To learn more about learning paradiddles visit our page 9 Awesome Paradiddle Variations.

      Preventing and Healing Injuries

      The Moeller Technique

      The Moeller Technique is one of the best ways to learn how to play fast and relaxed on the drums.  This method utilizes a whipping motion which allows for power and control using minimal muscular tension.  To learn more about the Moeller Method visit our blog post on the topic: 3 Fundamental Moeller Technique Exercises.

      How much do drum lessons Montreal cost?

      Musiprof offers competitive pricing for drum lessons.  Prices vary from one teacher to another, but in general they are the following:

      – 30 minutes: $25.40

      – 45 minutes: $33.00

      – 60 minutes: $40.30

      To learn more about prices for music lessons in Montreal, read our blog post: How much do music lessons cost in Montreal Quebec?

      Online Drum Lessons

      Most of our teachers offer the option of online drum lessons.  With only a computer and a webcam, online drum lessons can be a convenient way to learn the drums from the convenience of your home. To get a sense of what an online lesson looks like take a look at our blog:  What do online drum lessons look like?

      About Musiprof

      Musiprof is a music school that offers private drum lessons in Montreal for adults and children alike.  Find a drum teacher who can show you all types of drum beats, drum fills, double bass drum techniques, 16th note grooves, rudiments, snare drum technique, rock, jazz, latin music, pop, hip hop and much much more. 

      Our teachers have experience with  students off all ages and can help you reach your goal of reading music, improvisation, composition and much more.  There is no substitute for a great teacher, youtube doesn’t even come close!

      Which part of the city can I have my lessons?

      Studying music through Musiprof is available in all 19 Boroughs of the city of Montreal such as Downtown, NDG, Montreal West, Westmount, Lasalle, Verdun and much more.  Lessons are also available in the West Island, Longueuil, Brossard and the south shore.

      To find a qualified drum teacher in Toronto visit:  Drum Lessons Toronto

      To find a qualified drum teacher in Vancouver visit: Vancouver Drum Lessons

      Clients share their experience

      This is our second year with Elijah as a drum teacher. He teaches in an engaging way - working with new songs that are the flavour of the week. Leo thinks Elijah is a cool guy who teaches music in a fun way which makes it easier to learn.
      Having ambitious goals when it comes to drumming, it's important to find the right teacher to reach these objectives. Elijah is the right person who I believe can get me there. There's progress in each lesson and it's a real pleasure learning through him. I look forward to each new practice. It's just fun!
      Thomas Barenbaum
      Professional teacher with lots of passion and patience with kids who love music! Thank you very much Elijah! It’s great for my kid to meet you here
      Amy Ho