Music Lessons for kids: Toronto

Music lessons for kids Toronto

Ready to reveal your child’s talent? Enroll them in music lessons for kids in Toronto. We have patient, nice and accredited teachers who take pleasure in working with children and will guide them through their learning process. Is your kid into piano, singing, guitar or even violin? No matter the instrument, we have the right teachers not only for children but also for music lessons for adults. Book a first lesson today by contacting one of our teachers. Learn about how payment works for music lessons.

Music Lessons for Kids in Toronto: any age, any level

*age : starting from 6 is recommanded

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How it Works

Step 1

Search for a teacher:

Compare different teachers based on criteria that matter to you, including location, age, experience, and teaching style.

Step 2

Contact your teacher:

Contact the teacher of your choice to schedule a first lesson. Once the lesson is scheduled, a payment request will be sent by email.

Step 3

Take a Lesson Package:

If you feel it’s a good fit with your teacher, lessons are sold in packages of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. Pay for the lessons using your credit card.

Music Lessons for Kids Toronto

How much are music lessons for kids in Toronto?

The price for music lessons will vary from one teacher to another, depending on experience and education level. The prices below are for informational purposes only:
30 minutes: $35
45 minutes: $45
60 minutes: $60.
Additionally, an extra $10 (on average) should be budgeted for in-home lessons.

What age should kids start music lessons?

You can start introducing music lessons when your child is between 3 and 6. To make sure they enjoy it, let them pick an instrument or sing, and find a fun and experienced music teacher who’s great with little ones

How do you teach music lessons to kids?

We wrote a helpful blog post on this subject, sharing 5 tips for Teaching Music to Children

About Musiprof

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Musiprof is an online platform with highly qualified instructors that will help you book music lessons. for kids in Montreal. Regardless of your age or level, we have the perfect teacher for you. We also offer 3 flexible options: at-home, online and in-studio. Book a lesson now.

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