The 3 Best Drumsticks for Beginners (Easy Choice)

best drumsticks for beginners

Choosing a pair of drumsticks doesn’t need to be complicated! My goal here is to help you choose the best drumsticks for beginners.  I’ve boiled it down to 3 easy choices: one for Rock or Metal, one for Jazz, and one for all around drumming. Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks Drumstick for all […]

How to choose the Best Electronic Drum Set for your Needs (2022)

electronic drum set

Wondering if you should buy an e-drum kit for stay-home practice?  This article helps explain how to choose the best electronic drum set for your needs, and provides some links to purchase online. By Srikanth Narayanan with expert help from Toronto drummer Jinu Isaac. My recommendation is the Alesis Nitro Mesh ($550CAD);  (USA: Alesis Nitro Mesh […]

5 Ways to Practise Better and Improve your Drumming

How to Improve on drums

1: Set achievable goals How to improve on drums tip #1: Set achievable goals that you can work on every time you go to the practise room. A good goal might be to master a particular song and then create a YouTube video. It could also be to make a video of a certain rudiment […]

How to Learn the French Grip on the Drums

French Grip Drums

Play a silky smooth Jazz ride cymbal pattern, crisp 16 notes in Rock, Funk or Samba or fast single strokes.  Learning the french grip on drums is one of the most important techniques to learn, because it gives you a quick understanding of fulcrum and finger control. This article will show you how to hold […]

How to fix drummer tendonitis & take your drumming to the next level

  If you are reading this you are probably experiencing some kind of pain when you play drums or you are suffering from some kind of drumming injury. I’d like to reassure you that this is a common problem that many drummers face and there are many effective ways to deal with it. I know […]

How to Play Wipeout on Drums – Fast & Relaxed

How to play Wipeout on Drums

Ty Segall famously said, “You’re not a real drummer until you can play Wipeout.” In this post, you’ll learn how to play Wipeout on drums. And Includes a play-along-backing track without drums and Wipeout drum sheet music pdf (scroll down.) Ty Segall was exaggerating of course, but learning Wipeout is a huge milestone because it […]

Feel Stuck in your Drumming? This is how you get unstuck

Elijah Drum Lesson Montreal Downtown

Not progressing anymore? Anders Ericsson describes in his book PEAK the way in which world class performers improve their skills.  In this case I’m speaking about drumming, but this concept literally applies to anything. Most of us think that just doing something over and over will create improvements.  This works at first when we are […]

Trading Fours – Master your Drum Solos

Trading Fours

What Does Trading Fours Mean? Most jazz standards are written over a 32 bar form that can be divided in four 8 bar sections.  In jazz, each instrument on the band stand can take a turn to play an improvised solo over the 32 bar form. Each instrumentalist, other than the drummer, usually solos over […]

Herta Rudiment

Herta Rudiment

In this post, I will teach you how to develop the Herta Rudiment.  This rudiment is a single stroke pattern (alternating R-L-R-L.)  The basic version is called the 3 Note Herta which is made up of 2 sixteenth notes followed by 2 eighth notes. There is also a 4 note Herta, which consists of adding […]

How to Master Your Double Stroke Roll

Master your double stroke rolls

5 step by step exercises In this post I will teach you the basic steps for developing a smooth and even double stroke roll.  I’ve put together a series of practise videos that will help you slowly build up your double stroke roll one step at a time.  These exercises were taught to me by […]