Ukulele lessons in Montreal

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      Take ukulele lessons in Montreal! Our music teachers can help you on your musical journey.  Our experienced and passionate ukulele teachers will get you playing your first song in no time. Learn the basic ukulele chords, strum patterns and popular songs.

      ukulele lessons montreal

      Ukulele lessons in Montreal

      Why choose ukulele over guitar?

      The ukulele is small in size therefore ideal for kids.  It only has 4 strings and is tuned differently from the guitar. What makes the ukulele a great choice is that you can learn a simple chord progression in a matter of weeks or even days.  You can then accompany yourself as you sing your favourite popular songs.  Those same chords on guitar can take months or even years to learn.  The other main advantage is that the ukulele is very portable, so you can easily bring it wherever you go and be the life of the party!

      Where can I buy a ukulele?

      The most common types of ukulele are soprano and concert. It is worth investing in a ukulele that costs over $50.00.

      KALA KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele – $95.97 CAD

      Ukulele lessons Toronto: wood soprano ukulele

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      The best ukulele method books

      Ukulele for kids by Hal Leonard is a great method book for learning the basics.  The book starts with learn simple chords and then shows you how to use them in popular songs such as Yellow Submarine, I’m Yours, Tambourine Man and many more.

      a great book to accompany ukulele lessons in Toronto

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      One of Musiprof’s very own teachers Pierre, wrote an amazing book called Easy Ukulele.  The book covers over 20 beginner songs like Row your Boat, London Bridge and many others.  Kids can immediately enjoy playing along to these well known classics.

      Easy ukulele method book for ukulele lessons Toronto

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      About Musiprof

      Musiprof is a music school that will connect you to the best ukulele teacher close to where you live. Depending on the teacher, lessons are available at your home, online, or at one of our accredited studios.  

      We offer ukulele lessons for beginners and for advanced players. All of our teachers have advanced music degrees and many years of experience in music education. Our teachers will create a individualized curriculum to meet your needs. Learn basic skills like how to tune your ukulele, how to play basic chords, music theory, read music, learn to play your favourite song and much more.  Lessons are organized in a step by step fashion in order to help you improve your skills and become a great ukulele player in no time. Video lessons are also available in order for you to take your teacher home and help you practise on your own. It’s no problem if you are left handed,  lessons can easily be adapted.