Montreal cello lessons

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      Qualified and Experienced Cello Teachers

      Learn to play the cello! The instrument that most closely resembles the human voice.  Musiprof offers Montreal cello lessons to students of all ages and abilities.  Our highly qualified and accredited teachers will provide you with the right framework and structure that will allow you to progress consistently.  Lessons are offered to children and adults alike.

      Montreal cello lessons

      Leaning to play the cello

      How much does it cost to buy a cello?

      Cellos range in price from $200 to over $10,000.

      How much does a beginner cello cost?

      If you are just starting out with Montreal cello lessons, you can purchase a student cello for $200 to $2,500.  These cellos are made by machine to keep costs low, but provide a good yet affordable starting place.  To learn more about the various price factors that go into buying a cello, read: How much does a cello cost?

      Cello Lessons Cost

      In Canada, the average cost of cello lessons ranges from $40 per hour (Montreal) to $60 per hour (Toronto or Vancouver) depending on the city.

      Where can I rent a cello in Montreal?

      Wilder Davis offers cello rentals in Montreal.  They also have a rent to buy option for some cellos.

      The rates are presented in this chart:

      Montreal Cello Lessons: rental rates

      What size cello should I buy for my child?

      Cello sizes for kids

      Wilder Davis

      Learn to Play the Cello At Home 

      Musiprof offers at-home cello lessons.  This option is offered by select teachers in certain areas of the city.  Look at the teachers profile and see if there is a tab that says At-home lessons.  Susanna offers at-home lessons in various areas of Montreal. Gabriel also offers home-lessons in the Outremont or Villeray area.

      About Musiprof

      Musiprof is a music school that is located in Montreal Quebec.  We offer music lessons of all instruments across the Island of Montreal.  All of our teacher have music degrees from post secondary institutions.  Our teachers are kind, qualified and professional and most importantly they possess the gift to teach!