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Looking to take private singing lessons in Montreal? Improve your singing technique with an experienced and qualified voice coach. Our certified and skilled singing teachers offer voice instruction to kids or adults in Montreal. Whether you are interested in learning to sing Broadway, R&B, Country music, Pop, Jazz, or Classical music, we have the teacher to help you. Singing lessons are available in-studio, at-home or online.

Kind and Qualified Singing Teachers in Montreal​ – Find a professional Voice Coach Today

Singing Lessons Montreal

How it Works

Step 1

Search for a teacher:

Compare different teachers based on criteria that matter to you, including location, age, experience, and teaching style.

Step 2

Contact your teacher:

Contact the teacher of your choice to schedule a first lesson. Once the lesson is scheduled, a payment request will be sent by email.

Step 3

Take a Lesson Package:

If you feel it’s a good fit with your teacher, lessons are sold in packages of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. Pay for the lessons using your credit card.


How much do singing lessons usually cost?

– 30 minutes: $24.50
– 45 minutes: $31.95
– 60 minutes: $40.00
This is the average price of Musiprof singing lessons in Montreal.

Can you teach yourself to sing?

It is possible to learn to sing on your own, especially if you already know how to play a musical instrument such as the guitar or piano. That being said, it is ideal to learn to sing with a voice teacher because they can provide you with exercises to improve your pitch and sing in tune. A qualified singing teacher can also improve your vocal technique with vocalization exercises. Having good vocal technique will help you learn to sing with more control, assurance and power as well as reduce the risk of developing vocal chord issues like nodules.

What is a good age to start vocal lessons?

Children as young as 4 years can start voice and music lessons, however the approach will be different for a young child than for a teenager or adult.  According to Muzikachildren should wait to reach puberty before undertaking serious voice training. That being said, we recommend that children under 12 do a combination of singing lessons with guitar or piano.  That way, they can learn music fundamentals while learning to accompany their voice.  The Musiprof voice teachers can also teach piano basics to help kids learn to accompany themselves.

Can someone with a bad voice learn to sing?

Only 4% of people are considered tone deaf, meaning they do not have the ability to recognize pitch and sing in key. Therefore, most people, even if they don’t think they can sing in key, can in fact improve their intonation and sing on pitch. A good singing teacher can provide simple exercises to help singers adjust their voice to eventually sing in key.

Are online singing lessons worth it?

Online singing lessons are a good alternative to in person lessons. Most singing teachers offer the option of online lessons. At Musiprof, all of our singing teachers offer online singing lessons in Montreal.

What will I learn in singing lessons?

Each singing teacher covers different topics and musical styles in their singing lessons. Make sure to ask your singing teacher what topics they usually cover in their lessons.  Generally speaking, singing teachers will adapt their lessons to the individuals preferences of their students while covering 2 wide ranging topics:  performance and technique.  Performance entails working on particular songs, which includes delivery, and lyrical presentation.  For example, if a student is interested in R&B then they will work on an R&B song and break down the elements of that particular piece.  On the other hand, technique involves working on specific exercises that are designed to improve a particular aspect of the voice. Vocalize exercises are often provided in order to help a student master the technical aspects of the voice.

How to deal with singing stage-fright​

Stage-fright or performance anxiety affects almost everyone.  Singing in front of others can be especially nerve racking.  Learning to manage anxiety while singing on stage is a lifelong process.  Thankfully there are tried and tested techniques that great teachers can share from their experience.  Musiprof voice teacher Sarah K.  wrote a great blog post on the topic:  How to overcome stage fright when signing. The post included a free guided audio to help calm your nerves right now.

What equipment do I need for singing lessons?

You don’t need to buy anything for voice lessons, unlike most other types of music lessons. However, some equipment is helpful if you are inclined to make a small investment.

Vocal teachers often use a keyboard or piano to do voice exercises or to accompany their students while they sing. It would be helpful for you to have your own in order to practise at home.
A very low priced keyboard is the Casio keyboard for only CAD $129.99.

A higher quality option with weighted piano keys there is the Yamaha P-25 for CAD $799.99.

Practising with a singing microphone is a good way to learn how to sing in front of an audience.
The industry standard is the SM58 by Shure for 129.00 CAD.  It is an extremely sturdy and great choice.

PA system:
For a microphone to function, you will need a PA system which acts as an amplifier.  We recommend the LyxPro SPA-8 Portable PA system to get started

About Musiprof

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Musiprof offers private private singing lessons in montreal.  We also offer singing lessons montreal west island. You can find a voice coach for all tastes and preferences.

Classes are step by step and adapted for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. One can easily find thousands of videos on youtube, but a great teacher has the ability to prepare material that is uniquely suited for your individual needs.  Our teachers will help you learn to sing in tune, develop diaphragm support and proper singing technique, improvisation, ear training, harmony and much more. 

Take classical singing lessons, musical theatre, Broadway, Jazz singing lessons Montreal, or popular singing lessons.

To find a singing teacher in Toronto: Singing Lessons Toronto

To find a singing teacher in Vancouver: Singing Lessons Vancouver

Music lessons take place in various locations across the city, either at the teacher’s studio, your home or online. The address listed here is the Musiprof head office.

1236 R. Atateken, Montreal, Quebec, H2L 3K8, Canada
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