Rock Band Classes In Montreal

Are you looking for rock band classes? Join us weekly for an immersive 2-hour rock band class, where you’ll collaboratively build a captivating repertoire of your choosing. Immerse yourself in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, guided by our teacher’s expertise. Song selections will be a result of group input, ensuring they align with your skill level. The band includes guitar, drums, singing, bass and piano.

Awesome Sauce performing
Rock Band Classes

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Revel in the communal joy of music-making
  • Achieve a harmonious flow state during your musical journey
  • Enhance your instrumental prowess
  • Cultivate the art of musical improvisation
  • Develop acute self-awareness while harmonizing with fellow musicians
  • Master the skill of expressing musical concepts within a group dynamic
  • Showcase your musical growth by performing an array of chosen songs at a special recital.

Band performance video

Prerequisite knowledge:

  • Basic proficiency in either electric guitar, drums, bass, singing or piano

Materials Needed:

  • Your instrument (amps and drum kit are provided)


  • TBD

Class details:

Cost for the course: between $400.00 – $600.00 (including end-of-term recital)

Class dates: Fall Session (Schedule TBD)

Group size: 4-5 students

Location: 1236 Rue Atateken

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