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Looking for ukulele lessons Vancouver? Musiprof offers affordable and dynamic music lessons to all ages and skill levels.  Choose your ideal ukulele teacher based on location, teaching experience, cost, availability and more. Ukulele lessons in Vancouver available at the teacher’s studioat your home or online.

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Register for ukulele lessons in Vancouver with kind and qualified ukulele instructors. Browse our teachers below, or:

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Compare different teachers based on criteria that matter to you, including location, age, experience, teaching style.

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Book a trial lesson on your desired teachers page. After the trial, lessons are sold in groups of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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After purchase, your teacher will contact you to schedule the first lesson.  Lessons take place once a week in-home, at the teachers studio or online. 

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Buying a ukulele

There are 4 main types of ukulele. However the most common ones are soprano and concert. We suggest investing in a ukulele that is worth $50.00 or more.

KALA KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele – $95.97 CAD

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Ukulele method books

Ukulele for kids by Hal Leonard is a best-selling method book for learning ukulele basics. Discover how to play simple chords, single note melodies and popular songs such as Yellow Submarine, I’m Yours, Tambourine Man and many more.

a great book to accompany ukulele lessons in Toronto

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Musiprof’s teacher Pierre, wrote an great and affordable book called Easy Ukulele. It cover 20 easy songs like Row your Boat, London Bridge and many others.  Kids can immediately enjoy playing along to these well known classics.

Easy ukulele method book for ukulele lessons Toronto

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How much do ukulele lessons cost in Vancouver?

30 minutes: $35.00 CAD
45 minutes: $48.00 CAD
60 minutes: $60.00 CAD
The price of ukulele lessons in Vancouver varies from one teacher to another and depends on the length of the lesson. The prices listed here are the average of what most ukulele teachers in Vancouver charge.

What age is appropriate for ukulele?

Children as young as 5 can begin to learn the ukulele. The great thing about learning the ukulele is that it works great to sing along to. Young children can generally sing songs like the Alphabet Song, Twinkle Twinkle, or Brother John. After learning the 1 finger C chord on the ukulele, kids can immediately begin to accompany their singing.

What will I learn in a typical ukulele lesson?

The first thing you will learn to is to play the 4 basic ukulele chords. They are: C-Am-F-G. Once you can comfortably switch from one chord to another. You can begin singing along to these chords. There are many popular songs that use this sequence of chords, and you can decide which song you like the most with your teacher. You will also learn various strumming patterns in order to add a dash of rhythmic spice.

What ukulele chords should I learn first?

C major, A minor, F major and G major. These 4 chords will allow you to play hundreds if not thousands of popular songs. Including: Let it Be, I’m Yours, Stand by Me, Country Roads, La Bamba, Twist and Shout and many, many more.

Is ukulele easier than guitar?

The ukulele is generally easier to learn than the guitar. One of the reasons for this is that the guitar has 6 strings, and the ukulele only 4. Because of this, the basic chords on the ukulele are easier to learn. For example, the C chord on the guitar uses 3 different fingers, whereas the ukulele uses only 1 finger for the same chord.comparing the c chord on ukulele vs. the guitar

About Musiprof

Musiprof provides high-quality ukulele lessons in Vancouver BC. Our Vancouver ukulele lessons are provided by experienced and qualified teachers.  Lessons are for the absolute beginner to the advanced player.

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