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Looking for violin lessons in Montreal? Discover our accredited violin teachers. Whether you are a parent looking for private violin lessons for your kids, a stimulating activity or even a professional seeking advanced training, our teachers can help you reach your goals. Choose to take your lessons in your home, online or at your teacher’s studio. Be assured that when you choose a Musiprof teacher, you will receive impeccable service. Learn about how payment works for violin lessons.

Violin Lessons Montreal – Online, In-studio, or at your home​

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How much do violin lessons cost in Montreal?

30 minutes: $25.00 – $35.00 CAD
45 minutes: $35.00 – $45.00 CAD
60 minutes: $40.00 – $55.00 CAD
The price of violin lessons varies from one teacher to another and depends on the lesson duration. The prices listed here reflect the average price of the various violin teachers at Musiprof Music School.

Is it possible to have violin lessons at-my home​ in Montreal?

Some teachers at Musiprof offer the option of at-home lessons.  However, a small fee is applied to cover the teachers transportation time.  Look and see if the teacher has a tab on their page that says at-home lessons

Where do the violin lessons take place at Musiprof?

The lessons take place at our teachers accredited studios in various areas around the city. For example, we offer lessons in the Plateau, Rosemont La Petite Patrie, Downtown, The South West, NDG and Brossard. The lessons are also available online.

How much does it cost to buy a violin?​

You should plan on spending between $400 and $2,000 on your first violin.  There are various factors that go into the price like size, age and the maker.  For example, adults will usually buy a full size violin and children will often get a partial size one.  To learn more about the different factors that affect the price of a violin read: How much does a violin cost?

Where can I rent a violin in Montreal?

WilderDavis offers violin rentals in Montreal.
They are located at 257 Rachel Est in Montreal.
Violin Rental Rates for Wilder Davis in Montreal

Does musiprof offer individualized curriculums​ for private lessons?

Yes, our individualized curriculums are designed for students of all ages. For instance, you can learn classical music, jazz, world music or pop.  

About Musiprof Music School

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Musiprof offers real world violin lessons to meet every students needs.  We help students find the ideal teacher at the closest proximity to their home. Depending on the teacher, music lessons are either available in your home, online or at one of our accredited studios.  We believe that learning violin should be a real pleasure. Our certified teacher have over 15 years of experience performing and teaching violin to children, adults, and all types of advanced-level students.

Our teachers have experience with students off all ages and can help you reach your goal of reading music, improvisation, composition and much more.  There is no substitute for a great teacher, youtube doesn’t even come close!

To find a qualified violin teacher in Toronto, visit: violin lessons Toronto

 To find a qualified violin teacher in Vancouver, visit: violin lessons vancouver

Music lessons take place in various locations across the city, either at the teacher’s studio, your home or online. The address listed here is the Musiprof head office.

1236 R. Atateken, Montreal, Quebec, H2L 3K8, Canada

The Violin Family

The violin is a string instrument that is in the same family as the violin viola, cello and contrabass. Our school offers lessons in all the instruments of the violin family.

Violin lessons Montreal
The Violin Family: Violin, Cello, Viola, Contrabass

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