Violin & Cello Lessons in Montreal

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      Woman plats violin outside after taking violin lessons

      Learn to play violin in Montreal! Our highly trained music teachers have many years of experience offering violin lessons for kids, teens and adults alike. Whether you are a parent looking for private lessons for your child, a professional seeking advanced training, or a hobbyist simply looking for a stimulating activity, our teachers can help you reach your goals. Our individualized curriculums are designed for students of all ages, whether you are searching for beginner violin lessons for kids or adult violin lessons. Learn the Suzuki method, classical, jazz, world music, pop and many other styles.  

      Musiprof offers real world violin lessons to meet every students needs.  We help students find the ideal teacher at the closest proximity to their home. Depending on the teacher, music Lessons are either available in your home, online or at one of our accredited studios.  Learning violin should be a real pleasure. Our certified teacher have over 15 years of experience performing and teaching violin to children taking their 1st lesson, college students, classical violinists, and all types of advanced level students.

      The violin is a string instrument that is in the same family as the violin viola, cello and contrabass. Our school offers lessons in all the instruments of the violin family.