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What Our Customers Are Saying

Julie Jin
Julie Jin
My child had 15 lessons with a professional piano teacher from Musiprof when he was on level 5 piano. He has improved to a higher level. Now he is in Level 7. The good thing about musiprof is that you see teachers detail especially their education and instrument skill level. I found this teacher from his YouTube link which I like the fact he is a professional. Now during the lessons we can feel he is really good to bring my child's play to a higher level. The price is fair and reasonable too. I have recommended to my friend.
Imane Karoumi
Imane Karoumi
Being completely new to learning a musical instrument, my initial goal was just to master a song on the Ukulele. Let me tell you that thanks to Elijah's approach and advice (and above all his patience haha) this goal and more were quickly achieved in the two first sessions. I've been taking lessons with Musiprof for 4 months now and I'm very satisfied with my progress and the way things are organized. Thank you Elijah Sensei :)
Bike Bike
Bike Bike
Srikanth N, who I found through Musiprof, is an amazing instructor and musician!Before taking the private lesson I was following Youtube lessons here and there to get the basics. Not that Youtube lessons are bad (some are really good in fact), but they aren’t structured.The first lesson Srikanth and I went though ergonomics assessment: guitar setup, basic holding of guitar, finger positions, etc. which is by far the most critical step for me. Youtube instructors maybe teaching the right technics, but they never saw how I did, or what mistakes I made that prevented me from progressing and thus got me frustrated.An important tip I also received in the first lesson is to get a strap, after assessing my guitar size relative to my body size. I brought in a strap in the 2nd lesson, and it immediately helped relax my right arm, left wrist and fingers, making my finger reaches more extended. This is in a sharp contrast with the advice I received from a guitar shop staff when I purchased my guitar. The employee said that I didn’t need a strap yet since I am a super beginner, I’ll be sitting and practicing, standing up and playing is too far down the road. This employee was a very good non-pushing salesman and knowledgable of guitar playing, apparently he can give some good advice. But good is “not necessarily” professional, that’s where teacher like Srikanth stands out and can help guitar learners most effectively.I used to push myself go “faster” but now I take my time, lingering / focusing on every exercise until I feel that I’ve got the “passing grade” to move onto next one, thanks to Srikanth patience. He also introduces a little background of the origins of those exercises, country, folk/traditional/sea shanty, rock, etc. making the exercises much more fun and memorable. His approach is very structured too, following Hal Leonard Guitar Method book, so I know exactly what my “homework” is after each lesson and which one I should spend more time on. It motivates me to practice more regularly, 30~90 minutes per day. I used to think music staff is an alien thing that I’ll never get it, but eleven weeks in I start to crack it. I see myself making slow but steady progress, and I feel hopeful that my guitar skills can go somewhere.Srikanth also offers one of the most competitive rate in Montreal, especially for the talent and knowledge that he shares so expertly. I would highly recommend to every guitar learner, even you’re an advanced one.
Alisha is a very knowledgeable voice teacher, she helped me go above and beyond in my singing. Great teacher from Musiprof.
maxime lambert
maxime lambert
Great experience! Jihyoung really caters to one’s strengths and builds a lesson plan according to areas that need improvement. This makes the learning fun and simple!
I took 11 lessons with Myrtle Thomas from Musiprof. She is very comprehensive and thoughtful. She is adapted to my needs and improved my level by multiples singing exercises. I recommended her for singing lesson.
Been having singing lessons for over 5 months! Really good and caring teacher. Takes the time to understand your voice and what you want to work on. I see lots of progress! Worth it wether you are beginner or experienced!
We have used Musiprof for 2 of our kids for drum, voice, and guitar lessons and we are so happy with the instructors. Great results and fun experiences!
Good experience so far, and good profs, flexible schedules.
Michel M
Michel M
My son is taking Piano lessons with George, he is simply AMAZING, courteous very professional, most importantly knows perfectly how to teach a child, that is not a given.Very satisfied!
Mahdis Pooya
Mahdis Pooya
George is a great teacher with such encouraging attitude.
Roupen Markian
Roupen Markian
I loved it, i am amazed how the teachers are high level
David Liu
David Liu
The tutoring process is very clear and easy to use. The communication from my piano teacher and the Musiprof staff have also been quick.

About Us

Accredited Teachers: all of our teachers are certified with a music degree from a post-secondary institution. They are selected not only for their superior qualifications but because of their gift to teach music lessons. They are also properly compensated so that they feel happy and motivated to offer the best quality education to their students. Many private music schools see their teachers as resources to be exploited. We see teachers as partners.

Digital Technology: Musiprof is a modern music school of the 21st Century. We take advantage of the tools made available by technology in order to enhance the learning experience. Including, lesson reminders, lesson reports sent by email, online lesson options, and more.

Music is for everyone: Musiprof has the philosophy that playing music should be a part of everyones lives. No matter a persons age, playing music helps people live happier more wholesome lives.  Beyond offering music lessons, we strive to bring music into the community.

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