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If you feel it’s a good fit with your teacher, lessons are sold in packages of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. Pay for the lessons using your credit card.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Been having singing lessons for over 5 months! Really good and caring teacher. Takes the time to understand your voice and what you want to work on. I see lots of progress! Worth it wether you are beginner or experienced!
I took 11 lessons with Myrtle Thomas from Musiprof. She is very comprehensive and thoughtful. She is adapted to my needs and improved my level by multiples singing exercises. I recommended her for singing lesson.
David Liu
David Liu
The tutoring process is very clear and easy to use. The communication from my piano teacher and the Musiprof staff have also been quick.
Mahdis Pooya
Mahdis Pooya
George is a great teacher with such encouraging attitude.
I've been taking singing lessons with Musicprof for few months now and I'm extremely satisfied with the way that things are going with my patient, knowledgeable, and talented teacher. The only thing that I can say is that the price of the lessons are a bit high, but otherwise Musicprof helps you reach wherever you wanna reach.
Imane Karoumi
Imane Karoumi
Being completely new to learning a musical instrument, my initial goal was just to master a song on the Ukulele. Let me tell you that thanks to Elijah's approach and advice (and above all his patience haha) this goal and more were quickly achieved in the two first sessions. I've been taking lessons with Musiprof for 4 months now and I'm very satisfied with my progress and the way things are organized. Thank you Elijah Sensei :)
I could easily find my piano teacher among different pianists offered by the website. One nice feature is that I could see their background and choose a teacher according to my needs. It has been ten month that I have taken piano classes with Olha. She uses Russian school method which is absolutely what I love. She can easily recognize my weaknesses and give me exercises accordingly. She is very patient and I like her exercises in scales, chords and synchronization of both hands and I suggest her to any one interested to learn piano from the fundamentals.
John Gamez
John Gamez
Love it and strongly recommend it!
In Ne
In Ne
Laura Guilbault is an exceptional singing teacher who can teach a large variety of instruments to kids, teens and adults. Her love for music, her talent and her pedagogical competence allow her to teach the composition process as well as theoretical and technical skills. Kind-hearted and approachable, she’s the music teacher I dreamt of finding for my children!
Julie Jin
Julie Jin
My child had 15 lessons with a professional piano teacher from Musiprof when he was on level 5 piano. He has improved to a higher level. Now he is in Level 7. The good thing about musiprof is that you see teachers detail especially their education and instrument skill level. I found this teacher from his YouTube link which I like the fact he is a professional. Now during the lessons we can feel he is really good to bring my child's play to a higher level. The price is fair and reasonable too. I have recommended to my friend.
Nader Baydoun
Nader Baydoun
MusiProf has been a wonderful service to use! I never learned any instrument before, so I initially felt intimidated to start. MusiProf helps you find the write instructor for the instrument that interests you and helps you figure out all the details such as time and location and provides a payment platform that helped manage the payment for the lessons. I can't recommend it enough! Find yourself a teacher and start learning an instrument that interests you, it will change your life :)
I’ve been with Musiprof for over a year now and my experience so far has been very pleasant. Would highly recommend.
We have used Musiprof for 2 of our kids for drum, voice, and guitar lessons and we are so happy with the instructors. Great results and fun experiences!

About Us

Accredited Teachers: all of our teachers are certified with a music degree from a post-secondary institution. They are selected not only for their superior qualifications but because of their gift to teach music lessons. They are also properly compensated so that they feel happy and motivated to offer the best quality education to their students. Many private music schools see their teachers as resources to be exploited. We see teachers as partners.

Digital Technology: Musiprof is a modern music school of the 21st Century. We take advantage of the tools made available by technology in order to enhance the learning experience. Including, lesson reminders, lesson reports sent by email, online lesson options, and more.

Music is for everyone: Musiprof has the philosophy that playing music should be a part of everyones lives. No matter a persons age, playing music helps people live happier more wholesome lives.  Beyond offering music lessons, we strive to bring music into the community.

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