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Accredited Teachers: All of our teachers are certified with a music degree from a post secondary institution. They are selected not only for their superior qualifications but because of their gift to teach. Our teachers are also properly compensated so that they feel happy and motivated to offer the best quality education to their students. Many private music schools see their teachers as resources to be exploited. We see teachers as partners.

Digital Technology: Musiprof is a modern music school of the 21st Century. We take advantage of the tools made available by technology in order to enhance the learning experience. For example, video lesson tutorials are available to complement what is learned in each lesson so that students improve faster. We also use online scheduling tools in order to make managing appointments with teachers easy.

Giving Back: 3% of each lesson purchased is donated to La Fondation du Docteur Julien: Le Garage à Musique. They are a social pediatrics centre that uses music education as a way to help children with the negative impacts of difficult living conditions on their development.

Music School Montreal

Music Lessons Near Me

At Musiprof, we are committed to offering a high standard when it comes to music classes in Montreal. We have the highest paid music teachers in the city, yet our prices remain competitive. Browse our many qualified teachers yourself or let us know what you are looking for and we will match you with the right instructor.  Musiprof is a Montreal music conservatory with a flexible approach that is based on student interests.

Gain a deeper understanding of music fundamentals by learning the piano.  Piano lessons remain as one our most popular options for music classes.  

One of the best music schools in Montreal for singing lessons.  We offer Broadway lessons, Jazz or Popular music options.

Offer your child the gift of music.  Browse through our many teachers that specialize in teaching music to children and toddlers. 

Our Featured Teachers

Some of our top music Instructors


Guitar Teacher

Kevin offers guitar lessons in Montreal. If you are looking to find a guitar teacher in your area, kevin offers in-home lessons.  He is great with teaching guitar to children and teaching blues guitar lessons.


Drums & Percussion

Josh is a Montreal drum instructor.  He is a world class percussionist and performs in the percussion section of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. He offers  professional drum lessons to adults and children.

Patrick Lehman - Music lessons


Piano & Voice

Patrick Lehman is a Juno nominated Canadian artist who offers piano and singing lessons in Montreal.  He specializes in Jazz voice lessons, R&B and Soul.  He also offers in-home piano lessons.

Juno Nomination Patrick Lehman


Singing teacher

Alisha is a Montreal singer and offers singing lessons in Montreal. She specialize in Broadway lessons as well as classical vocal lessons.


Piano Teacher

Jaz offers piano lessons in Montreal. He is a specialist in Latin, Salsa, Afro-Cuban Piano, and Afro-Cuban Keyboard Grooves. As a teacher, he will help you build solid study habits, one step at a time, making your learning and performing experience as energetic and joyful as possible.


Violin teacher

Sofia offers violin lessons in Montreal.   She holds a masters degree from the Schulich school of music in Montreal and offers private violin lessons in the Plateau.