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      Start your saxophone lessons in Montreal! The saxophone is widely used in Jazz, funk, latin, pop, and classical music.  Whether you want to learn to play like Charlie Parker, play in the horn section of a funk band, or learn the basics to play in a school orchestra our highly skilled teacher will help you on your musical journey! Learn beginner saxophone,  modes, tone, breathing, reading, how to develop a great sound on the saxophone, scales for improvisation and much more. We offer saxophone lessons for beginners, alto saxophone lessons for beginners, all types of saxophone lessons for kids, advanced lessons for jazz and classical, smooth jazz and much more.

      Saxophone lessons Montreal

      Saxophone Lessons in Montreal

      What is the best saxophone for beginners?

      A great beginner saxophone to get started is the:

      Mendini E-Flat Alto Saxophone, Gold Lacquered and Tuner, Case, Pocketbook for $379.99 CAD

      Low cost instrument for saxophone lessons Toronto

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      It comes as a complete kit with case, tuner, mouth piece, reeds and cleaning kit.

      For something a little higher quality, try the:

      Jean Paul USA AS-400 Student Alto Saxophone for $589.43 CAD

      medium cost instrument for saxophone Lessons Toronto

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      The Jean Paul USA model comes with a carrying case, a mouth piece, reeds, neck strap and a cleaning kit. This instruments extra cost is justified by the overall quality and timbre of this instrument.

      Finally, Prelude offers this entry-level model.  Again, the higher price is reflected in the overall quality and build of the instrument.

      Prelude AS711 Gold Lacquer Alto Saxophone for $1211.91 CAD

      higher quality entry-level instrument for saxophone lessons vancouver

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      Saxophone Rentals

      If you don’t own a saxophone when you begin your saxophone lessons Montreal, you can rent one at Twigg Music for $34.00/month.

      At-home saxophone lessons

      If you are looking for at-home saxophone lessons in Montreal, you can check our various teachers profile pages to see if they offer at-home lessons.  For example, our teacher Gabriel offers home lessons in the following neighbourhoods Villeray, Ahuntsic, Plateau, Mile-End, Outremont, Centre-Ville.

      About Musiprof

      Musiprof is a music and sax school that offers music lessons in and around the island of Montreal. Our music teachers offer saxophone players the opportunity to take lessons in-home, online or in the accredited studio of the teacher.  Saxophone lessons cost between $35/hour to 45$/hour.

      Where can I take my Montreal lessons?

       Lessons are available in all the boroughs across the island of Montreal.  They are equally available in the west Island, Longueuil, Brossard and the south shore.