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How Long to Learn Piano?

Are you looking to become a professional pianist? Piano playing professionally is the dream of many, yet few achieve it. In this article, we will discuss “How long to learn piano.” Visit instrumentBuzz for instructional information about piano lessons and learning instruments. The simple answer to this question is that the more time and energy …

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Meet Fernando Sor: One of the Pillars of Spanish Guitar Music

Of the many contemporary classical guitarists out there, nothing comes close to the prominence of Fernando Sor. He’s the brilliant brain behind symphonies, songs, and ballets.  In fact, many people consider him to be the best there is.  If you’re looking to perform Sor’s music, it’s best to learn more about him. Here’s what you …

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ukulele music theory

Ukulele Music Theory 101

Ukulele music theory PDF The purpose of this article is for ukulele players to understand the basics of music theory. The benefit of understanding ukulele music theory is that it will allow you to understand the concept of keys. This is important, because if you are interested in singing or performing with singers, then it …

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