How much do music lessons cost in Montreal Quebec?

Are you wondering how much how much do music lessons cost in Montreal Quebec? The answer to this question depends on...

5 tips for Teaching Music to Children

There is no shortage of studies about the benefits of learning a musical instrument. Pleasure, improved concentration, self-confidence, discipline, stress...

5 Easy Drum Songs for Beginners

FREE SHEET MUSIC DOWNLOAD The following easy drum songs will get you playing your first song in less than 5...

How to overcome stage fright when singing

How to overcome stage-fright when singing

What exactly is performance anxiety and how can singers combat it? Download the FREE Guided Physical Relaxation for Singers  ...

Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” Guitar Solo

Free PDF download: Tab Sheet Music Practise Backing Track:  For private lessons or more information on kevin click this link....

Cours de guitare Montréal:Un enseignant avec son élève

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