5 Best Music Teacher Jobs in Montreal – (Hiring Now!)

1:  Musiprof

One of the best music teacher jobs in Montreal: Musiprof

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Musiprof was created by music teachers for music teachers.  Working with Musiprof is one of the best music teacher jobs in Montreal.  The school was Founded by Elijah Baker in 2018.  He created the school because he felt as though music schools in Montreal were not compensating their teachers properly.  Teachers at Musiprof can earn up to $36 per hour.  In general, the average pay for music teacher jobs in Montreal ranges from as low as $14 per hour up to $36 per hour.

Benefits of teaching at Musiprof

  • Highest paid music school in Montreal
  • Lessons are given from teachers private music studios
  • Teachers are paid up-front and in-full for lesson packages
  • Student interests vary from Jazz to Pop to Classical


  • There is little sense of school community because each teacher teaches from their privately owned studios.

2: Académie de Musique de Montréal

Music teacher jobs in Montreal: The Montreal Academy of Music

Founded by Samia O’Day, the Académie has a large selection of music teachers across the island of Montreal.  The school has a strong Google web presence which allows prospective students to easily find a teacher in their vicinity.

Benefits of teaching through the Académie de Musique de Montréal

  • Music teachers can receive a relatively high volume of new students especially around September and January.
  • Lessons are offered from the convenience of the teachers own music studios


  • The school takes a large percentage of the teachers salary.  Teachers are paid as low as $21 per hour.
  • The teacher payment system is outdated and payments are slow to arrive

3: The West Island Music Academy

A staple in Montreal for music teacher jobs.

The West Island Music Academy is an exciting and dynamic music school with 2 locations (soon to be 3) in Montreal. Founder Joel Ovadia created the school with the idea of bringing a fresh, youthful energy to music education.

Benefits of teaching through the West Island Music Academy

  • There is a strong sense of school community.
  • There are good networking opportunities amongst music teachers.
  • The school organizes frequent opportunities for student performances.
  • They have a thriving rock band program and offer the possibility for teachers to teach in group settings.


  • Inconvenient teaching locations (unless you live in the West Island)
  • Long teacher commute time
  • Low teacher pay.  As low as $16 per hour.
  • Teachers are not strongly valued and do not receive pay increases

4: Coopérative des Professeur de Musique

The Coopérative des professeurs de musique was founded in 2009.  They have a designated teaching space at the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church at 4220 Drolet Street.  They also have a partnership with the Conservatoire de musique à Montréal and lessons are also offered in that building on Henri-Julien in the Plateau, Mont-Royal.

Benefits of teaching through the Cooperative des Professeurs de Musique

  • High caliber roster of music teachers and teaching standards

  • The teachers known for their experience in classical music mainly
  • Opportunity to offer group classes
  • Teachers can teach privately from their home studios


  • Low teacher pay
  • Difficult to get hired

5: Broadway Music Academy

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The Broadway music academy is based in Westmount in Montreal and specializes in Broadway-style musical theatre training.  They offer group classes to students of all ages and is a great way for youth to experience the excitement live theatre, develop skills and meet like minded students.  They also offer training in all the popular musical instruments.

Benefits of teaching through the Broadway Musique Academy.

  • Exposure to the culture of musical theatre
  • Friendly environment with good networking opportunities


  • Low teacher pay
  • Lessons are only offered at the school in Westmount.

In Conclusion

The previously mentioned schools offer a variety of places to find music teacher jobs in Montreal.  Depending on your needs as a teacher, you can way the pros and cons of each school and make an informed decision as to where to apply.  I hope this post was helpful!

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