Meet Fernando Sor: One of the Pillars of Spanish Guitar Music

Of the many contemporary classical guitarists out there, nothing comes close to the prominence of Fernando Sor. He’s the brilliant brain behind symphonies, songs, and ballets.  In fact, many people consider him to be the best there is.  If you’re looking to perform Sor’s music, it’s best to learn more about him. Here’s what you […]

5 Easy Guitar Songs to Play and Sing

5 Easy Guitar Songs to Play and Sing

Want to learn how to play easy guitar songs to play and sing? In this article, I will teach you 5 sing along guitar songs for beginners. Each song will be presented with an easy version, so even if you’re just starting out, you’ll still be able to play it. Quick Wins As a guitar […]

The 5 Best Guitar Books for Beginners (Kids)

Young boy learning guitar

Looking for a great book to start learning guitar?  This post covers the 5 best guitar books for beginners (kids). It also includes quick links to easily find these books online for purchase. The following list of books is great for kids, but can also work well for adult beginners. As a guitar teacher at […]

6 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners with Chords

6 Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners Chords

  Hi!  My name is Charles. I’m a professional musician and guitar teacher with Musiprof. I am based in Montreal, Canada. In this post I am going to teach you how to play 6 easy guitar songs for beginners with chords. They are: Zombie by the Cranberries, I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, Californication by The […]

How to Teach Beginner Guitar Lessons for 7 Year Old Kids

Guitar lessons 7 year old - Lucas and Jonathan Learning

Are you looking for beginner guitar lessons for 7 year old? 7 years old is actually a great age to begin guitar lessons for kids. The challenge is to make learning the guitar engaging and fun. This post will cover the best beginner guitar books as well as some tricks and tips on making the […]

How triads can lead to a better grasp of harmony on the guitar

Download the FREE Triads PDF Félix is a professional guitarist living in the Montreal area of Verdun.  He holds a Masters Degree in Jazz Interpretation/Composition (McGill university). For more information about guitar lessons with Félix, visit his profile:  Felix-Guitar Most harmony in western music is based on thirds. For example, a C major chord is […]

Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” Guitar Solo

Free PDF download: Tab Sheet Music Practise Backing Track:  Getting the tone: This post covers Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” guitar solo section. The solo is originally by British studio guitarist Chris Leonard, and sounds like it was recorded on a strat/tele/some sort of single coil pickup guitar. That being said, I’ve played it on […]

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