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Kind and qualified singing teachers in Toronto

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Interested in taking private singing lessons Toronto?  Find the perfect singing teacher based on characteristics that are important to you like location, price, musical style, schedule, teaching experience and much more.

We offer singing lessons downtown Toronto and the GTA. Lessons in-studio, at-home or online

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Courtney – East York

  • Singing lessons for kids Toronto
  • Piano, ukulele, songwriting

$35 – $48 – $60

Reilly – Mid-town Toronto

  • Singing lessons for adults Toronto
  • Classical approach

$35 – $48 – $60

Charlotte -North York

  • Classical, Musical Theatre,  Pop, piano.
  • Private singing lessons Toronto

$25 – $30 – $40

Megan – Missisauga

  • Classical, Opera, Musical Theatre, Pop, Folk, Jazz, R&B, Country, Choral

$30 – $45 – $60

Priscila – North York

  • Singing lessons for kids Toronto or adults
  • Piano

$23 – $34 – $45

Barinder – Brampton

  • Indian classical music
  • Sargams or ragas

How it Works

Step 1

Search for a teacher:

Compare different teachers based on criteria that matter to you, including location, age, experience, teaching style.

Step 2

How to register for lessons​

Book a trial lesson on your desired teachers page. After the trial, lessons are sold in groups of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Step 3

Connect with your teacher:

After purchase, your teacher will contact you to schedule the first lesson. Lessons take place once a week in home, at the teachers studio or online.

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How much do singing lesson cost in Toronto?

At Musiprof, the price of singing lessons in Toronto varies from teacher to teacher based on lesson duration, experience & style:
– 30 minutes: $25.00 – $35.00 CAD
– 45 minutes: $30.00 – $48.00 CAD
– 60 minutes: $40.00 – $60.00 CAD

What is a good age to start vocal lessons?

Vocal lessons can begin as young as 4 years old, however the lessons will be differ for a young child compared to a teenager or an adult. Muzika, advises children to wait until puberty to undertake serious vocal training. That being said, we advise kids under 12 to pair singing lessons with guitar or piano. This way, students can explore music fundamentals while they learn to sing. Vocal training exercises can be phased in as the child gets older. Courtney offers singing lessons for kids Toronto that are paired with ukulele or piano.

Can you teach yourself to sing?

Yes, some people can teach themselves to sing, however, having a voice teacher is ideal. This is because a good voice teacher can help you improve your ability to sing on pitch as well as develop the technical qualities of the voice. For example, a good singing coach will provide vocalization exercises that will improve your vocal technique. This will allow you to sing with more accuracy, confidence and power. It will also help you prevent singing related issues like voice nodules.

Do I need any special equipment for singing lessons?

You don’t need to buy anything for voice lessons, unlike most other types of music lessons.
However, some equipment is helpful if you are inclined to make a small investment.

Vocal teachers usually use a keyboard or piano to do voice exercises or to accompany their students. It would be helpful for you to have your own in order to practise at home.
A very low priced keyboard is the Casio keyboard for only CAD $129.99.

A higher quality option with weighted piano keys there is the Yamaha P-25 for CAD $799.99.

Singing Microphones
Practising with a microphone is a great way to prepare the voice student to eventually sing on a stage.
The industry standard singing microphone is the SM58 by Shure for 129.00 CAD. 

PA system
For a microphone to work, you will need a PA system, which acts as an amplifier.  We recommend the LyxPro SPA-8 Portable PA system to get started.

About Musiprof

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Musiprof offers singing lessons Toronto.  We provide students with the opportunity to learn music with kind, educated and affordable vocal coaches.  Our teachers can help you develop your singing technique to finally hit those high notes. Start your singing classes in Toronto today!

Take private singing lessons downtown Toronto, singing lessons for adults Toronto or singing lessons for kids Toronto.