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      Start your piano lessons in Toronto today! The Musiprof music academy offers private piano lessons to both kids and adults.  Browse through our various qualified teachers by clicking on their picture next to the map or click here to find a teacher near you and we’ll match you with the ideal teacher.

      Piano lessons Toronto

      How it works

      Compare teachers based on their availability, teaching rates, experience, location, and area of specialty.

      While browsing an individual teachers page, click on Ask the teacher a question to get more information or request a phone number to speak to that teacher in person.

      How to register for lessons

      Simply press the signup button and fill out the form on your desired teachers page.

      Lessons are sold in groups of 5, 10 or 15 lessons.  Satisfaction is guaranteed and a full refund is provided if requested after the first lesson.

      How to get in touch with your teacher

      Once you’ve purchased your lessons, your teacher will reach out to you to schedule the first lesson.  The lessons will take place once per week either in home or a the teachers studio.  Once the lessons are completed, simply visit your teachers page and purchase more.

      Where to buy a keyboard in Toronto

      A very affordable option to begin playing music is the 66 key Casio keyboard for only CAD $129.99

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      For something higher-quality try the Yamaha P-25 with weighted keys for CAD $799.99.

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      How to choose a piano teacher for children

      Teaching piano to children isn’t the same as teaching adults.  Children need a teacher that has experience with kids and understands what makes them tick.  We’ve written a great article that describes the qualities of a great music teacher for children:  5 Tips for Teaching Music to Children

      About Musiprof Music School

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      Musiprof offers piano lessons in Toronto. Our highly recommended music lessons are designed to get you playing music faster and more efficiently than you could on your own. Not only will you learn piano quickly, but our talented teachers will be sure that you are having tuns of fun doing it.

      Learn various musical styles such as, classical music, pop rock, or popular music.  Many of our teachers provide specialized training and exam preparation for the royal conservatory of music.

      Piano lessons are provided on piano and keyboard, at home or in our teachers studio near you.