How much do private piano lessons cost in Toronto, Ontario?

Want to know what private piano lessons cost in Toronto? Musiprof is Canadian music school that offers private piano lesson across the city of Toronto and the GTA.  The prices in this article are taken from the various piano teachers that teach through the school.

private piano lessons cost toronto

How much do piano lessons cost per hour?

The average private piano lessons cost in Toronto is typically around $50.00 to $60.00 CAD per hour. Piano lessons at the Royal Conservatory cost $114.00 CA per hour for adults and the price for kids depends on their level. To study at a very advanced level with a university music professor will range between $75.00 per hour, up to $120.00 CAD.  See more detailed information in this post.

How much is a 30 minute piano lesson?

30 minutes: $35.00 CA
This price is taken as an average of piano teachers in Toronto. This price can vary from teacher to teacher. See more piano teachers in this price range.

Average prices for 45 minute and 60 minute lessons in Toronto:

45 minutes: $48.00 CA

60 minutes: $60.00 CA

Typically piano lessons last 1 hour and are offered once per week.  However, it is not uncommon for piano teachers to offer 30 minute or 45 minute options.  Shorter lessons are ideal for kids, because they have shorter attention spans.

Cost of Piano Lessons for Multiple Lessons

Commonly, piano lessons are sold in packages. Discounts are frequently provided when multiple lessons are purchased at once. At Musiprof for example, after completing a trial lesson, lessons are sold in groups of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. A discount of $20 is offered on packages of 10 lessons, and a discount of $40 is offered on packages of 15 lessons.

Musiprof Piano lessons packages – price table:

60 minutes X 10 piano lessons   (-$20.00 discount) = $580.00 CA ————————-2 1/2 months

60 minutes X 15 piano lessons   (-$40.00 discount) = $860.00 CA   ————————-4 months

45 minutes X 10 piano lessons   (-$20.00 discount) = $460.00 CA ————————-2 1/2 months

45 minutes X 15 piano lesson   (-$40.00 discount) = $680.00 CA —————————4 months

30 minutes X 10 piano lessons   (-$20.00 discount) = $330.00 CA ————————-2 1/2 months

30 minutes X 15 piano lesson   (-$40.00 discount) = $485.00 CA —————————4 months

-> See a list of piano teachers in Toronto

Prices are Sometimes Based on Piano Teaching Experience

The cost of private piano lessons in Toronto depends on teaching experience. Not all piano teachers in Toronto charge $60 per lesson.  Sometimes they’ll charge less. There are a few for  reasons for this.

1: The teacher may be new to Toronto and they want to build up their student roster, so they charge less.

2: They have recently graduated from music school and don’t have years of teaching experience under their belt.

3: They cater mostly to kids and beginners, therefore they don’t charge as much.

This doesn’t mean they are bad teachers.  *Do beware of hiring piano teachers from websites that don’t make sure their teachers have proper teaching credentials.

How much do beginner piano lessons cost?

Prices range from $23.00 CAD for 30 minute lessons to $60.00 CAD for 1 hour lessons in Toronto. Certain teachers cater their lessons to beginners and therefore charge less than the average piano teaching rate in Toronto.  The following list of piano teachers charge less than the average in Toronto, yet still possess superior teaching qualifications from recognized university training programs in music.

See other affordable piano teachers in Toronto.

Piano Lessons Toronto Price for the Royal Conservatory

Front Facing of the Royal Convervatory of music in Toronto

How much are piano lessons for adults in Toronto?

Piano lessons for adults at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto are $114.00 CA per hour. There is an extra $160.00 deposit upon registration for each Adult lesson. This fee is used to assess the students ability and to place them with the appropriate teacher. 30 minute adult lessons at the Royal Conservatory is $57.00 per lessons. At Musiprof, the price for adult piano lessons is less and ranges from $35.00 CA up to $60.00 per hour, depending on the teacher.  Click here to browse the various Musiprof piano teachers in Toronto.

How much are piano lessons for kids at the Royal Conservatory?

Piano lessons for children at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto fall under their Music Enrichment Program (MEP). Private lessons of 30, 45, or 60-minutes are offered over a 34 week period and include a theory/musicianship component as well as opportunities for enrichment such as recitals, performance evaluations, simulated exams, workshops, and more. Students are also eligible for RCM examinations, one practical, one theoretical (for eligible students working towards exams).

Rather then being sold by the lesson, the prices cover the entire year and depend on the students level.

Royal Conservatory Price Table for Kids:

Price list for the Royal Convervatory of Music in Toronto

Where can I learn piano for free?

Exchange of service:

If you don’t want to pay for piano lessons, you can reach out to a piano teacher and propose an exchange of service.  For example if you have skills in marketing, piano teachers are often in need of this skill.  Other skills that might be useful to piano teachers are social media promotion, video production, audio recording, massage therapy and more.

Online Resources:

There are a plethora of free online resources for learning piano. Zach Evan’s piano university is a great starting point. You can also do a Youtube search to learn any popular song by ear.  For example, I recently taught a student: Story of My Life by One Direction, from using a youtube video only.  Slow the video down in the settings bar and work on the song at your own pace.  It is not essential to learn to read music if your objective is simply to play as a hobby.


Thank you for reading this article on private piano lessons cost Toronto. Musiprof is a Canadian Music organization that connects piano teachers to students in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

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