Where to buy a piano in Toronto?

Are you searching for where to buy a piano in Toronto?  Specifically, do you want to enter a showroom where you can play and test many pianos before buying? Here are some stores with pianos on display to play. During this pandemic, call the store first to make an appointment before going onsite.

where to buy a piano in Toronto

Here is a list of 6 Best places to buy a piano in Toronto.

where can I buy a piano in toronto
Map view of Toronto’s many piano stores.

Toronto Piano Centre     – The Toronto Piano Centre offers new and used upright and grand pianos of the most well-known brands for sale.  They also provide tune, repair, and restoration services.

Merriam Music     – Merriam Music has a large showroom with new, used, upright, grand, and digital pianos. They have two locations in the GTA, Vaughan and Oakville.

Robert Lowrey Showroom    – Associated with Merriam Music, at the Robert Lowrey Showroom, you can experience over 200 pianos in eleven showrooms on two floors anchored by their famous workshop. They also have high-end digital pianos in store.

Piano Depot    – Piano Depot has been providing quality pianos and services in Toronto for over 15 years. They sell new and used pianos and provide tuning, repair and moving services.

Paul Hahn & Co    – Paul Hahn & Co. is a family-owned and operated company, located in downtown Toronto, and is one of the oldest piano stores in Canada. Their services include Piano sales, Tuning, Repair, Refinishing, Piano Disc installation, Strings and Restringing throughout, Moving, and Piano Cleaning.

Remenyi House Of Music    – Established in 1890, Remenyi House Of Music has been studying the art of musical instrument making for four generations. They sell acoustic pianos and high-end digital pianos. They also sell bowed string instruments and guitars.

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upright piano

How Much Does a Piano Cost?

New quality upright pianos commonly cost between $ 4000-$8000 CAD plus taxes.  Piano stores often include delivery, piano bench, and 1 tuning after delivery in the purchase price.  New grand pianos can have basic models start around $11 000CAD and go way up from there.  Most quality new pianos come with a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects.  It is a great idea to explore used and reconditioned pianos sold by stores and backed by a service warranty.  The instruments would have settled in by then and still be high quality, yet made more affordable.

Enquire about piano rental options, because this may allow you to get a piano for a manageable monthly fee.  Perhaps even negotiate to rent and switch pianos each year so you can try out different models and follow your tastes and styles?  Eventually, you’ll find a keeper, because after you’ve had plenty of joy with various brands and models, you’ll know exactly what you prefer.

If you are considering buying a keyboard instead, read 5 Best Keyboard Pianos for Beginners and Kids (Cost-Effective).


Are Free Pianos Worth It?  How can I get a free piano in Toronto?

If you know how to evaluate used pianos, you can investigate listings on Craigslist, Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace. Buying a used (or free) acoustic piano directly from private sellers is best done for people with a lot of experience evaluating pianos. I don’t recommend this option for first-time buyers wanting to learn piano.  Moving a piano can cost $300-$500 and then tuning it once it has settled into its new home could cost about $150.  These costs are usually included in the purchase price from a store.  If you have a lot of strong friends and a rented van, you could try moving a piano yourself, but it is a lot of work and you still have to pay for the van and compensate your friends.

“Free” pianos, end up not being “free”.  You can easily put in a lot of effort, time and money to move and tune a clunker that takes the joy out of learning to play.   Unlike violins, which can get better with time, the mechanics of a piano simply wear down with use.  100-year-old pianos are hard to work with.  We recommend visiting piano stores like those listed above to play and buy a piano in Toronto.  At the very least, go to stores to feel, hear and experience what new / reconditioned pianos are like, to help you evaluate the older ones you will encounter privately.

Are old pianos worth anything?  Sometimes, yes, sometimes not so much.  It depends on the specific piano in question and the intended use of the prospective buyer.

For experienced pianists or musicians of other instruments, the “free pianos” might make welcome additions to their homes as music tools.  These instruments should be tuned and inspected before you agree to take them.  There can be some real gems out there to be found.

Finally, it is a great idea to ask your piano teacher for guidance in your purchase.  If you need to find a piano teacher in the Toronto area, then click this link to see friendly, qualified teachers in your area.  Many of them can be hired for a “lesson” of piano shopping.

Also check this link for how much do private piano lessons cost in the Toronto area.

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