5 Easy Guitar Songs to Play and Sing

5 Easy Guitar Songs to Play and Sing

Want to learn how to play easy guitar songs to play and sing? In this article, I will teach you 5 sing along guitar songs for beginners. Each song will be presented with an easy version, so even if you’re just starting out, you’ll still be able to play it. Quick Wins As a guitar […]

Diction for Singers: An Immersive Approach to IPA

Using Edith Piaf’s “LA VIE EN ROSE”  What is diction and why is it important?   Diction is the study of  pronunciation. Diction for singers or “lyric” diction, differs slightly from a strictly spoken approach. This is because, when words are set to music, they undergo specific changes. Words become distorted ― vowel sounds are […]

How to Write Lyrics to a Song – A Songwriters Guide

How to write lyrics with Ishana

Hi, I’m Ishana!  I am a singer songwriter from Montreal Quebec in Canada. I teach singing lessons and songwriting, I write children stories, and I also produce my own music. Today I’d like to teach you how to write great lyrics and create your own songs.  I’ve been writing songs since I was 14 and […]

Interview with Alisha Ruiss

I had the pleasure of interviewing Musiprof voice instructor Alisha Ruiss.  In this interview, Alisha discusses the musicians and experiences that influenced her decision to become a professional vocalist.  She also discusses her time in the classical voice program at Mcgill University.  Finally, she touches on how she developed her unique approach to teaching as […]

How to overcome stage-fright when singing

How to overcome stage fright when singing

What exactly is performance anxiety and how can singers combat it? Sarah is a professional singer in Montreal with a Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice from McGill. During her time at McGill Sarah was also trained by the prolific Musical Theatre Coach, Elizabeth Koch, who has coached famous Broadway stars such as Aaron Tveit, […]