How to Choose the Best Guitar for Beginners

You are interested in learning the guitar and you are wondering which instrument to choose? We’ve put together a guide on how to choose the best guitar for beginners, which will give you essential tips for choosing the right guitar, instrument recommendations for all budgets, as well as accessories essential for all guitar players. Once you have purchased your guitar, do not hesitate to book your guitar lessons in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

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Best guitar for beginners

Aspects to Consider for Buying the Best Guitar for Beginners

The price

When buying a guitar, there’s usually three price ranges the low tier ones vary between $100 and $400, the intermediate tier vary between $400 and $800 and the higher tier vary between $1000 to $2000. If you’re just starting, you can begin with one of our low-tier recommendations as they are quite decent provide a good quality price.

Choose the right type of guitar

Choose the type of guitar depending on the style of music you plan to play. If you would like to play country or folk music you should opt for an acoustic guitar. If you are interested in playing rock or metal music you should go for an electric guitar.

As a reminder, each type of guitar is suitable for beginners, but they each have their advantages. Musiprof recommends classical guitar for complete beginners, as nylon strings hurt the fingers the least

Guitar size guide

Guitars come in different sizes, and it is essential to choose the one that best suits your body. Standard-sized guitars are suitable for most adults, but there are also smaller-sized models for younger students. See the graphic below to help you choose a guitar based on age.

Guitar size guide

Classical Guitars

Beaver Creek 901 Classical Guitar

$156.75 + taxes (with coupon)  $165.00 at Twigg Musique (Available in Canada only)

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The Beaver Creek 901 classical guitar is a mid-range nylon string instrument known for its warm, melodious sound. Classical guitars have a wide neck and flat fingerboard, making them suitable for finger playing. They use nylon strings, which are gentle on the fingers and often have a longer scale length for unique string tension. Good quality tuning mechanisms ensure stability. The Beaver Creek 901 is designed to be affordable and easy to play, making it an attractive choice for beginners and intermediate players.

Yamaha CG102 Classical Guitar

$284.05 + taxes (with coupon) $299.99 at Twigg Musique

The Yamaha CG102 classical guitar is an entry-level classical guitar known for its reliability and affordability. It features a spruce top for bright tones and a nato wood body for warmth. With a traditional body design, it uses nylon strings ideal for classical and fingerstyle playing. The guitar features a comfortable rosewood fingerboard and mahogany neck, designed to accommodate classical guitar techniques. Yamaha’s reputation guarantees solid construction and reliable tuning mechanisms. This model is suitable for beginners and those looking for an affordable option for classical and Spanish guitar styles, providing a reliable and enjoyable playing experience.

Yamaha C40II classical guitar

On Amazon

The Yamaha C40II is a classical guitar designed for adults and students ages 12 and up. Renowned for its exceptional value for money, this guitar maintains impeccable tuning and produces a balanced, reliable sound with precise intonation. This entry-level guitar strikes the right balance between quality and affordability. It holds its tuning well, produces a pleasant sound and maintains correct intonation when played higher on the neck. The nylon strings are easy on your fingers, which will keep you coming back for more every day!

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Yamaha CG122MCH Solid Cedar Top Classical Guitar

The Yamaha C40II is a classical guitar designed for adults and students aged 12 and up. Renowned for its exceptional value, this guitar features a spruce top and meranti back and sides, ensuring a balanced and reliable sound. Its nylon strings are gentle on the fingers, making it perfect for beginners. The guitar maintains impeccable tuning and precise intonation, even when played higher on the neck. Ideal for entry-level musicians, the Yamaha C40II combines quality and affordability, encouraging daily practice and musical growth.

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Acoustic Guitars

Beaver Creek Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

$185.25 + taxes (avec coupon) $195.00 at Twigg Musique

The Beaver Creek Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar features a large square body shape, which typically results in a powerful, resonant sound. It is designed to accommodate steel strings, providing bright and robust sound quality that is suitable for various musical genres such as folk, country and rock. Dreadnought guitars, in general, are known for their versatility and adaptability to strumming or plucking playing styles.

Yamaha FS800 acoustic guitar

$284.99 + taxes (with coupon) $299.99  at Twigg Musique

The Yamaha FS800 has a solid spruce top that produces clear and authentic acoustic sounds. Its smaller size suits all players and delivers a true folk guitar sound. Quick tip: Steel strings can hurt new guitar players who haven’t yet toughened up their fingers.

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Beaver Creek Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar

$189.04 + taxes (with coupon) $198.99 at Twigg Musique

Left-handed acoustic guitars, including the Beaver Creek Left-Handed Guitar, are designed for left-handed players, with reversed string configurations for improved playing comfort. Beaver Creek offers left-handed acoustic guitar models that combine quality and affordability . They suit different skill levels, making them suitable for beginners and professionals alike. Although resources for left-handed players may be more limited, choosing this option may be a good idea for left-handed learners.

Electric Guitar

Fender Stratocaster electric guitar

On Amazon

The Fender Player Stratocaster electric guitar, in Polar White with maple fingerboard, is a model renowned for its classic Stratocaster design and iconic sound. It features an alder or ash body, maple neck, and three single-coil pickups for a wide variety of tones. The synchronized tremolo bridge allows for expressive playing. Although more expensive than entry-level guitars, the Player Series offers superior build quality, tonal options, and brand reputation. This guitar is loved by musicians for its playability, classic tone, and quality components, making it a great choice for those looking for a step up from entry-level instruments.

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For the younger students

Fender Redondo Mini Acoustic Guitar

The Fender Redondo Mini Acoustic Guitar is a compact, travel-friendly instrument ideal for players of all levels. It features a scaled-down Redondo body shape with a spruce top and mahogany back and sides, providing a balanced and resonant tone. The nato neck with a walnut fingerboard ensures smooth playability. Its small size makes it perfect for younger players or musicians on the go. Despite its diminutive stature, the Redondo Mini delivers a full, rich sound, making it an excellent choice for practice, travel, or casual play.

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Fender FA-15 3/4 Scale Steel String Acoustic Guitar

The Fender FA-15 3/4 Scale Steel String Acoustic Guitar is a compact, beginner-friendly instrument designed for young players or those with smaller hands. It features a laminated agathis top, back, and sides for durability, with a nato neck and walnut fingerboard providing a smooth playing experience. The reduced size makes it easy to handle without compromising sound quality, delivering a full, rich tone. Ideal for travel or casual play, the FA-15 is a versatile choice for budding guitarists seeking a reliable and affordable acoustic guitar.

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Guitar Accessories (What Every Guitarist Needs)

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Universal capo

On Amazon

Want to change keys without having to relearn every chord in a song? Take a look at this universal capo from D’addario. It fits all neck sizes, whether it’s a classical guitar, steel-string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, or even a ukulele.

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Amplifier (necessary for electric guitars)

179.55 (with coupon) + taxes $189.99 at Twigg Musique

The Line 6 Spider V20 MKII is a compact guitar amplifier renowned for its versatility. It offers a range of amplifier models and built-in effects, making it suitable for various musical styles. With 20 watts of power and a user-friendly interface, it’s an ideal practice amp, suitable for both beginners and experienced guitarists.


On Amazon

This pack of 15 varied guitar picks will allow you to test different picks for your guitar playing needs. This pack includes 3 different thicknesses: thin (5 x 0.5 mm), medium (5 x 0.75 mm) and heavy (5 x 1.0 mm). and heavy (5 x 1.0 mm). These picks are suitable for all types of guitar.

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Guitar strap

$14.99 on Amazon

Are you tired of always sitting when playing guitar? Try this affordable guitar strap and get used to playing standing up. It will be useful to you during your first concert!

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guitar notes book

$18.29 on Amazon

You’ll need to take notes to stay organized during your guitar lessons and to learn how to read beginner guitar tablature! This book includes a section for writing tablature as well as chord diagrams to make sure you remember what you learned in class.

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Guitar stand

$14.21 + taxes (with coupon) $14.96 at Twigg Musique

A guitar stand is essential for keeping your guitar secure and easily accessible. It helps prevent accidental damage, such as drops or bumps, by firmly holding the instrument. Additionally, it encourages regular practice and performance because the guitar is quickly available and does not need to be constantly taken out of its case or storage.

In conclusion

Now that you know how to choose the best guitar for beginners, check out our article on the best guitar books to learn on your own.

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