How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost in Toronto?

How much do guitar lessons cost in Toronto

An easy guide for private guitar lessons in Toronto at the best price

How much do Guitar Lessons cost in Toronto you may be wondering? Toronto guitar lesson prices will usually range from 25$ to 70$ at Musiprof. Why does the price vary? Because a number of factors will impact the cost of your lesson. We will discuss what those factors are in the following lines but on average, you can expect to pay 50$ per hour when working with one of our highly qualified intructors.

Choose the right guitar instructor

Choosing the right guitar instructor is crucial for your learning experience and progress as a guitarist. Basing your choice on your goals, your research and recommandations, the instructor experience and qualifications will help you make the right decision. Each teacher is different, therefore you should choose one based on your specific goals. For ex. some teachers specialize in Jazz, pop or classical music, while others are great at teaching children.

Try one session first

When in doubt, just give it a try! A trial session may be a good idea if you’re not sure how long you need your lesson to be or even if you like your instructor’s way of teaching. At the end of the trial, you’ll be able to choose what suits you best with no regrets. Do a trial lesson with a couple of teachers and then decide which one seems like the best fit.

Determine the correct duration of your guitar lessons

Our guitar lessons are offered in three different durations: 30 minutes: $25.00 to $35.00 CAD, 45 minutes:$35.00 to $48.00 CAD, and 60 minutes:$40.00 to $70.00 CAD. The choice of duration depends on whether the lesson is for a child/a teen, or an adult, as well as the skill level of the student—be it a beginner, an advanced learner, or an expert. Tailoring the session duration to the student’s age and skill level is essential. Generally, we recommend a 30 or 45-minute lesson for children and a 60-minute lesson for adults.

Opt for a group session

Personalized lessons, where it’s just you and the instructor, are usually more expensive because you get specific attention and teaching that matches how you learn best. Group lessons might be available depending on the teacher and the instrument you’re learning. If you’re interested in group lessons, it’s a good idea to talk to the teacher about it directly.

Buy your lessons in bulk

Are you looking to save some money? Consider purchasing your lessons in advance. At Musiprof, we provide the option of purchasing lesson packages, available in sets of 10 and 15. By opting for these packages, you can save $20 or $40, making your musical journey both rewarding and economical.

Pick your preferred location

We get it, we are all about comfort and convenience. But sometimes choosing a certain location will come with additional costs. For example, if you decide to take at-home lessons, the instructor will usually add a 10$ fee per lesson to get to your place. So make sure to include those extra fees when calculating your budget. Musiprof currently offers guitar lessons in Mississauga, Scarborough, Hamilton, North York, Brampton and Markham.


Now that you know the costs of guitar lessons for adults and kids in Toronto, you can confidently take a step toward realizing your musical aspirations. By understanding the various factors influencing the cost of guitar lessons in Toronto, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your objectives and budget. Don’t forget, it’s all about finding that instructor who not only fits your budget but also resonates with your musical journey. Musiprof only recommends highly qualified instructors, you’ll find guitar teachers available in Toronto below. Our teachers provide Blues or Jazz, Rock, Pop, Classical, electric or acoustic guitar, ukulele lessons. We also provide a selection of bass guitar teachers if you are considering this option.

Find a guitar teacher here (prices listed on each teacher profile)

And hey, if guitar isn’t your thing, rejoice! We’ve got a medley of other instrument lessons waiting for you in the heart of Toronto!

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I decided to pick up the violin again as an adult. I tried several instructors and I’ve had a great experience with Brianna at Musiprof. Brianna is patient, attentive, and employs just the right balance of methodical and practical for a good pace to keep things interesting. I appreciate the system Musiprof has- both structured and flexible, with effective communication.
Response from the owner: Hello Goldie, we are very happy that you are enjoying our service and the lessons with Brianna!
Great platform for learning music
Response from the owner: Thanks Travis! Glad you are enjoying the platform.
I found Musiprof to be a great service as it connected with a great music teacher in Chris Cawthray who helped me learn the fundamentals of drumming in a very fun and comprehensive way and I liked that Musicprof has a very intuitive website where you can review teachers, setup classes, review schedule and setup payments.
Response from the owner: Hi Omar! Really happy you are connected to Chris and enjoyed the platform.
I've had the privilege of teaching at Musiprof for a year now, and I can confidently say that this is a school that truly values music education. The administration is responsive, organized, and committed to fostering a culture of musical excellence.Thank you, Musiprof for your commitment to music education and for providing a platform where both teachers and students can thrive.
Response from the owner: We greatly appreciate your presence on the platform and your professionalism Julia!
really great school very organic and organized with great teacher and students
Response from the owner: Thanks Daniel! Really happy to have you as part of the team.
I have been a violin teacher with Musiprof for several years now and I have nothing but good things to say. The administration is very organized and everyone who works for Musiprof provides excellent customer service to their students and clients.The rates are very standard to the rates available within each city and the scheduling is flexible to the student's needs.Musiprof has connected me to so many amazing students and I couldn't be more thankful! 😊
Response from the owner: Thank you Sophia! We’re very pleased with having you on the site. It’s a pleasure to work with you!
Found a great teacher through Musiprof. Very glad that platforms like this exist and would highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Hi Avneet, thank you for the review. Very happy that you are happy with our service ☺️
It's so fullfilling and exciting to watch my two kids grow in Piano. Their instructor is deligent and very flexible. Flexible with my working schedule. Thank u
Response from the owner: Hi Solomon, thank you for the positive review. Very happy you are enjoying the lessons.
Julia is a caring and fun teacher and the Musiprof system has been easy to navigate and use. Thanks!
Response from the owner: Hi Kristen, very happy you’ve had a good experience so far with Julia. Happy to have helped you make the connection.
My teacher Sophia is excellent! Very patient and accommodating of an adult learner. Musiprof made it easy to connect with her, book lessons and pay her. If you are looking for a violin teacher in Toronto, choose Sophia!
Response from the owner: Hi Erin! Thanks so much for the great review. Very happy you are satisfied with your lessons with Sophia :)
Nick is a terrific instructor for our 7-year-old. He keeps things focussed and moving along at a great pace. And he steps in to coach and make adjustments in a very positive, constructive way. After just five lessons, we see great learning and increased comfort with drumming.
Response from the owner: Thanks Diane! We’re thrilled that you are happy with your drum lessons with Nick :)
Rekha is an absolutely amazing teacher for Piano, will definitely recommend!
Response from the owner: Thanks Irene!
I chose Pricilla for my kid looking at her experience and our classes are going great! She is kind and patient and my daughter is enjoying and learning effortlessly.
Response from the owner: Very happy things are working out with Priscila! She will be happy to read.
Brian is excellent. Super knowledgeable and chill, provides the right amount of guidance and "push" to help you improve!
Response from the owner: Thanks so much Ryan for the feedback about your guitar lessons. Brian will be very happy to read.
My son started piano lessons with Ana about a year ago just as the pandemic started. He has grown so much under Ana's tutelage. He plays the piano more and seems to enjoy himself so much. We are very happy we found Ana. I can't imagine using someone else.
Response from the owner: What a lovely review for Ana. We are so pleased that your son is enjoying the piano lessons!
I've had about 3 sessions so far with Michael on Zoom, and the sessions have exceeded my expectations. He is a very patient teacher and is flexible in his teaching style, and despite the online format the sessions have been very engaging. Musiprof has also been very accommodating and easily reachable, their set up is very well organized. Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Hi Jeet, thank you for the great review for piano lessons with Michael and Musiprof. We're really pleased to have you as a student.
Elijah has been teaching my 3 children (ages 10,9 and 7) for a total of 4 years now (we started with one child and later, 2 more siblings followed with now my fourth is waiting for her turn). As a parent, what I LOVE about Elijah is his open spirit. He engages and teaches the children music that THEY choose and like. He also encourages them to sing the songs with the music. My children love the lessons and recitals and for me, as a parent, that means a lot. Elijah is fast and prompt also with communicating with me, if I need to (not obvious and we had different teacher) he is by far THE BEST!
Response from the owner: Thank you Liat. It has been a pleasure teaching music to all of your kids.
The people know their music, can teach well, and are fun to work with.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Srikanth. Much appreciated.
I’m only on my 4th lesson with Elijah and I’m absolutely loving it. He is patient and makes drumming fun. You can feel his passion and he understands where you are with your learning. I’m new to drumming and Elijah makes me want to continue. Thanks Musiprof!
Response from the owner: Thanks Stephen! You're a pleasure to work with.
Great service to find experienced teachers on any instrument! They also offer virtual lessons and the site was easy to navigate. Love it!
Response from the owner: Thank you Pierre!
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