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Are you interested in taking electric guitar lessons in Toronto? Browse our selection of qualified and friendly teachers to find the one that best suits your needs. Use the filters to find a guitar teacher in a nearby neighborhood of Toronto. All of our teachers are certified and possess a music degree from a recognized post secondary institution. Learn more about our teacher selection process here. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, our teachers will be happy to work with you.

guitar lessons Oshawa
Andrew F – Guitar

Fun, encouraging lessons! Start with fundamentals and learn any style. I am available to teach in Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Port Perry and Bomanville.

guitar lessons Toronto
Navid – Guitar

Regardless of your age and your interests–may it be preparing for RCM graded exams in guitar or learning your favourite pop song to impress your friends and family–I’ll be happy to teach you!

guitar lessons Mississauga
Rekha – Guitar, Voice, Piano, (ukulele, bass, violin)

Learn fundamentals based on proven traditions and techniques, and then apply these skills to new creations and modern, popular music.

guitar lessons Hamilton
Tung – Guitar, Bass

Learn songs, technique, and practical, pragmatic music theory that you can bring to rehearsals and stages.

guitar lessons Scarborough
Jey – Guitar / Ukulele

The first two months of teaching guitar, will be teacher centered learning where I teach students the fundamental basics of music. After that I will gravitate towards student centered learning, where I take requests from students of songs they would like to learn.

guitar lessons in Toronto with Sudhanshu
Sudhanshu – Guitar, Ukulele

Based on that I design my Classes with a Balance of Song-playing, Technical Skills, Theoretical Knowledge and musicianship. I think every individual has their own aspirations for music, which I always take into consideration when I set up Lesson Plans for Students.

guitar lessons in East York Toronto with Richard
Richard – Guitar

If the student enjoys the experience and learns what he or she really wants to know (specific songs or solos) then they will be more likely to continue with lessons for the long term. I try to provide only positive reinforcement and never talk down to the student. My mantra is “Set Achievable Goals”. For those who wish to learn music reading skills I use the Mel Bay guitar course.

Andy – Bass, Guitar & Ukulele
Andy – Bass, Guitar & Ukulele

First and foremost I believe that learning music should be fun and stress free and every student should be allowed to go at their own pace. I teach a variety of different styles such as Jazz, Rock, Pop, Indie/Alternative and various other genres. I want my students to be able grasp the basics and fundamentals of their instrument and to able to apply them to songs/styles they want to learn.

good profile pic
Brian – Guitar

I am a Toronto-based guitarist and composer. I have performed all over North America on guitar and had many of my compositions played. I have taught music in Boston, New York, New Jersey, and in Toronto. I am proficient in Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Country, and love working in more experimental styles like Free Improvisation, Microtonal Music, and Electronic Music.

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Electric Guitar Teachers in Toronto

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How it Works

Step 1

Search for a teacher:

Compare different teachers based on criteria that matter to you, including location, age, experience, teaching style.

Step 2

How to register for lessons​

Book a trial lesson on your desired teachers page. After the trial, lessons are sold in groups of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Step 3

Connect with your teacher:

After purchase, your teacher will contact you to schedule the first lesson. Lessons take place once a week in home, at the teachers studio or online. ​

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Electric Guitar Lessons in Toronto with Friendly and Qualified Teachers

Electric guitar lessons in Toronto
Electric Guitar Lessons in Toronto


How much do electric guitar lessons cost in Toronto?

The price varies from one teacher to another based on the guitar teachers experience and education level. At Musiprof, the price range of electric guitar lessons in toronto is.
– 30 minutes: $25.00 to $35.00 CAD
– 45 minutes: $35.00 to $48.00 CAD
– 60 minutes: $40.00 to $60.00 CAD

How does the system of finding a guitar teacher work with Musiprof?

Step 1: Browse our selection of guitar teachers until you find a teacher that matches your criteria. Step 2: Send that teacher a message through their profile page, or purchase a trial lesson with your credit card.
Step 3: The teacher will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule the lesson.
Step 4: After the trial, Musiprof will contact you to see if you’d like to register for a package of 5, 10 or 15 lessons.

Are at-home lessons available?

Yes. Some of our teacher off the option of doing at-home lessons. Use the filters, or look on the teacher’s profile page to see if this option is available. A surchage of $10.00 is applied to cover the teacher’s transportation.

Can I do electric guitar lessons online?

Yes. All of our teacher offer the option of online lessons. You can even combine in-person lessons with lessons online, since they are the same price.

How long does it take to learn guitar?

Each student learns at a different speed. On average, it takes 3-6 months before a student can comfortably transition from one chord to another. To reach a high level of proficiency usually takes about 5-10 years.

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