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      Start your guitar lessons in Vancouver now! Musiprof offers affordable and dynamic music lessons to children and adults.  Discover your ideal guitar teacher by browsing through our various teachers and choosing based on factors that are important to you like teaching experience, location, cost, schedule and much more.  If you’d like us to help match you with the right teacher click on find a teacher near you.

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      Guitar Lessons Vancouver

      How it Works

      1: After browsing different teacher and you’ve found the perfect one, click on “signup,” and fill out the registration form.  After, you can purchase your lessons using your credit card or Paypal. Lessons are sold in bundles of 5, 10 or 15 lessons.

      2: Your teacher will contact you to schedule the first lesson. After the lessons are scheduled, they will take place at the teachers accredited studio or in your home.

      3:  If you are not completely satisfied with your first lesson, a refund will be provided for all the remaining lessons.

      4: To sign up for more lessons, simply go back to your teachers page and purchase more.

      5:  Lastly, for more information on the guidelines surrounding lessons read the teacher registration agreement.

      What kind of guitar should I buy?

      There are 3 main categories of of guitars.

      1.  Classical Guitar: 

        These guitars have nylon strings which are easier on the fingers.  Classical guitars are ideal for beginners because of how easy they are to play. Based on the students age, they come in different sizes.

      Full Size (12 years old and older) Epiphone Pro 1 Spanish Classic Guitar – $179.00 CAD

      Epiphone classical guitar for guitar lessons Vancouver

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      7/8 Size (8-11 years old) Yamaha – CS40 – $ 179.99 CAD

      7/8 size guitar for guitar lessons Vancouver

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      Half-Size (3-7 years old)  Yamaha – CGS102A Guitare 1/2 $169.99 CAD

      1/2 size classical guitar for guitar lessons Vancouver

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      *Fun fact: Flamenco Guitar is played on a classical guitar

      2. Acoustic Guitar:  

      The acoustic guitar embodies the sound of folk music and they are great for playing around a campfire.  Think James Taylor, Simon & Garfunkel and Eric Clapton.  these guitars have steel strings and can be a little harder to play than a classical guitar.

      1. Acoustic guitar: Fender SA-150 Acoustic Guitar – $126.99 CAD

      Acoustic guitar by Fender for guitar lessons Vancouver

      2. Acoustic Guitar: Yamaha F325D Acoustic Guitar – $199.99 CAD

      Yamaha Acoustic Guitar for Guitar Lessons Vancouver

      3: Electric Guitar

      The sound of Rock n’ Roll is reflected in the electric guitar.  These guitars are easy to play and go with an amplifier and various effects pedals (like distortion).

      1.Electric guitar: Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster – $229.99 CAD

      Electric guitar for guitar lessons vancouver

      2.Electric guitar kit: Epiphone Guitar Pack Series Electric Guitar Player Pack, Vintage Sunburst – $349.00 CAD

      electric guitar kit for guitar lessons vancouver

      About Musiprof

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      Learn to play guitar at one of the finest music schools in Vancouver. Our teachers have years of teaching experience covering various guitar styles such as, jazz blues, classical, Pop, Rock, Heavy metal, guitar soloing, guitar bass, music theory and more. Beyond that, our teachers are educated at the university level.

      Where do I do my guitar lessons Vancouver?

      Lessons are offered in-studio, at-home or online in various locations of Vancouver. See the map above for the specific locations.