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      Begin your guitar lessons in Montreal today! Our guitar teachers have years of teaching experience and can help along your musical journey.  Whether you are you looking to learn classical guitar, jazz, blues, flamenco, folk, rock, or simply the chord progression to your favourite song, our teachers can help you achieve your goals faster. We make sure you enjoy the process of learning! Online guitar lessons available.

      Guitar Lessons Montreal Teaching student

      Blues Guitar Lessons Montreal

      Kevin has been teaching blues guitar for 5 years now.  His musical background stems from his many years studying jazz, but has also been shaped by his experiences playing in Blues bands, musical theatre orchestras as well as working as a cruise ship show-band guitarist.

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      How much do guitar lessons Montreal cost?

      Musiprof offers competitive pricing for guitar lessons. The price of guitar lessons depends on the teacher.  However, the following information represents the average rates.

      30 minutes: $25.61

      45 minutes: $32.30

      – 60 minutes: $39.00

      To learn more about the price of Music lessons in Montreal, visit our blog post on the topic: How much do music lessons cost in Montreal Quebec? 

      What kind of guitar should I buy or rent as a beginner?

      Guitar lessons Montreal

      Students often wonder what type of guitar they should buy when first starting out.  The 3 main options are classical, steel-string acoustic or electric.  All 3 types of guitar are suitable for beginners, however there are advantages to each of them.

      Guitar lessons Montreal: advantages of classical, acoustic or electric guitar

      Where can I buy my first guitar in Montreal?

      A great place to rent or buy your first guitar is Steve’s Music or Archambault.  They have a wide selection of guitars that range in price from $150 to $1000. You can also look on Facebook: Vente et échange d’équipement de musique or Kijiji and find a used guitar that is still in great condition.  Make sure to ask around or do an internet search to make sure that it is a quality instrument before buying.

      How much does a guitar for beginners cost?

      A brand new beginner guitar costs between $100-$200.  Steve’s music has a great selection of guitars in that price range. It is recommended to start with a classical guitar.  The reason being that classical guitars have nylon strings which are much easier on the fingers and therefore easier to play.  This allows for quicker learning which greatly helps beginners push through the often frustrating first stages of learning the instrument.

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      Should I learn tab or solfeggio?

      Ideally every guitarist should learn both tab and solfeggio.  Learning solfeggio allows the student to understand which notes they are playing as well as the correct rhythms (tab doesn’t include rhythm.)  That said, you can certainly learn all your favourite songs while only understanding tab.  Tab is generally the language of the internet, and so by learning tab you gain the ability to learn millions of songs. In a nutshell, if you prefer taking the shortcut to learning your favourite popular songs, then learn tab. If you want to be a real student of music, take the time to learn solfeggio as well.

      A great book to learn guitar solfeggio is Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book 1: Book Only

      Learning your favourite songs

      Many people say that the only way that they feel motivated to practice music is when they are learning songs that they love.  Are you one of those people? Then let your favourite songs be the guide to your path in music.  If you love Ed Sheeran, than by golly, learn Thinking Out Loud!

      Learning how to do a guitar solo

      Let’s face it, guitar solos are plain and simply, the best.  Learning a guitar solo is an amazing way to learn how to express yourself through the instrument.  It is also great for developing finger dexterity.  We’ve put together a great blog post on how to play the guitar solo in Ed Sheeran’s Thinking out Loud.


      Musiprof offers real world guitar lessons to meet every students needs.  Depending on the teacher, lessons are available at your home, online or at one of our accredited studios. We offer classes for adults as well as for kids of all ages and abilities.  We also offer acoustic as well as electric guitar lessons.

      To find a teacher in Toronto: Guitar Lessons Toronto

      or Vancouver, visit:  Guitar Lessons Vancouver