Guitar Lessons in Verdun, Montreal, Qc

Guitar lessons in Verdun, Montreal, Quebec.

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Isaac12 year old student
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I had Gabriel as my teacher two years ago. He taught me many things that even after four years of playing guitar that I had never seen. For example, he taught me sight reading, which was a very important asset, because I was able to read pieces with the notes of the scale and know how to play them almost immediately without learning it by ear. Besides being by far the friendliest teacher I have ever had, he gave me challenges at my level, which allowed me to grow faster and be able to play more complex pieces.
MelanieGuitar Student
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Félix helped me tremendously! His way of teaching makes it fun and easy to understand! He is very knowledgeable and explain things in a way to understand easily! I totally recommend him to anybody that which to level up! Thanks a lot for your patience and passing down some of your tricks 😊 see you soon for more classes!!!

Guitar Lessons in Verdun, Quebec

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