Piano Lessons for Adults Toronto – Lessons for the older beginner

Piano Lessons for Adults Toronto – Lessons for the older beginner

Are you looking for piano lessons for adults in Toronto? Our qualified piano teachers offer lessons that are adapted to the adult beginner. Our teachers will create a unique curriculum to meet your needs and interests, whether you would like to learn Jazz, classical or popular music. Lessons are offered online, in the teacher’s studio or at your home.

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All Levels Welcome

Start your musical journey with us – Beginner lessons offered, no experience necessary.

Jazz Piano Lessons

Interested in learning Jazz piano ? See our list of qualified and experienced jazz piano teachers.

Piano Lessons for Kids

Looking for piano lessons for your child ? Check out our teachers who offers piano lessons for children.

Flexible Locations

Learn wherever you like – at home, online, or in the teacher’s studio.

Accredited Piano Teachers

We choose our teachers carefully. Explore our teacher accreditation process.

Affordable Packages

Cost-effective weekly lesson plans with exclusive savings.

Choose Your Teacher

  • Use the filters below to select a teacher based on your preferred neighbourhood, lesson format or musical interests.
  • Prices are listed on each teacher’s profile. Lessons are available at the teacher’s studio, at-your-home, or online.
  • Complete the signup form of your chosen piano teacher and they will contact you to schedule a first lesson.
  • Payments are only made when lessons are confirmed with your teacher. Learn how payment works here.

How it Works

Step 1

Search for a teacher:

Compare different teachers based on criteria that matter to you, including location, age, experience, and teaching style.

Step 2

Contact your teacher:

Contact the teacher of your choice to schedule a first lesson. Once the lesson is scheduled, a payment request will be sent by email.

Step 3

Take a Lesson Package:

If you feel it’s a good fit with your teacher, lessons are sold in packages of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. Pay for the lessons using your credit card.


How much do piano lessons for adults in Toronto cost?

At Musiprof, the average cost of private piano lessons for adults ranges between $48.00 CAD and $60.00 CAD. This price depends on lesson length, the teachers experience and education level. For more detailed information about price, read our blog article: How much do private piano lessons cost in Toronto, Ontario?

Do piano lessons for adults work?

Studies have shown that the adult brain exhibits brain plasticity, meaning learning is possible at any age. Adults have the advantage of having better motor control than children as well as higher levels of discipline, leading to better practising habits. Furthermore, learning to play the piano has proven benefits for aging well, such as preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Is one piano lesson a week enough?

For the average student, one lesson per week is standard. However, some people take 2. This allows them to study a complementary piano topic such as music theory, technique, or music history. Furthermore, some adult beginners are retired, allowing them to do more than one class a week.

Where can I go to buy an acoustic piano in Toronto?​

The following list of reputable piano stores offer a wide variety of acoustic pianos in Toronto:

Toronto Piano Centre
Merriam Music
Robert Lowrey Showroom
Piano Depot
Paul Hahn & Co
Remenyi House Of Music

What is a Hybrid Piano?

A hybrid piano is a blend of an acoustic piano and a digital keyboard in one instrument. There are different kinds of hybrids very loosely defined. These instruments offer an excellent quality choice that brings together the advantages of both a keyboard and an acoustic piano. To learn more, read our article: Should I buy a Piano or Keyboard for home?.

Are In-person lessons available?

Since the easing of Covid restrictions, most piano teachers now offer in-person or at-your-home lessons.

Do online piano lessons work?

If well equiped, then online piano lessons work well. Since the pandemic, every piano teacher now offers this option. All you need is common videoconferencing software, a well lit room, and a optional microphone.

What are the best piano methods for adults?

The Alfred and Faber method books are the most common adult piano books for beginners. They are also regarded as the go-to method by piano teachers. That being said, there are many other piano books which provide alternative learning methods, such as Pattern Play, which is a series for developing improvisation and creativity. Learn more about our most recommended books in our blog article The 5 Best Beginner Piano Books for Adults.

About Musiprof Music School

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Musiprof offers piano lessons for adults in Toronto. Our music lessons, adapted to the adult beginner, are designed to appeal to the learning preferences and interest of adults. Learn various piano styles such as, classical, pop, rock, popular music or even jazz piano.  Many of our teachers provide specialized training and exam preparation for the royal conservatory of music.

Piano lessons are provided on piano or keyboard at-your-home, in our teacher’s accredited studio near you, or online.

Piano Lessons for Adults Toronto​

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