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Are you looking for private piano lessons for kids in Toronto? If so, you’ve come to the perfect place to meet your needs. Musiprof provides kind and qualified piano teachers that specialize in piano lessons for kids. Browse our various piano teachers in your area by using the filters to find the closest teacher near you. Lessons are available at the teachers certified studioyour home or online. Looking for the right piano method for your kids?

drum lessons south Etobicoke
Jinu – Drums, Piano

I like to create a learning environment where students can enjoy playing music, are inspired to learn, and feel free to make mistakes. I teach various styles, such as Jazz, R&B, Pop, Funk, Hip Hop, Rock, and more.

singing lessons Vaughan
Cassandra – Voice, Piano

The approach I take to teaching my students is to always prioritize their needs and goals for learning music. I believe that in order for students to fully develop their musical abilities, they must be taught music that they will truly enjoy and feel comfortable performing.

piano lessons toronto
Violet – Piano

I often do rhythm practice and ear training with young kids, and I also help them improve their sight-reading by playing note games.

guitar lessons Mississauga
Rekha – Guitar, Voice, Piano, (ukulele, bass, violin)

Learn fundamentals based on proven traditions and techniques, and then apply these skills to new creations and modern, popular music.

piano, voice lessons Vaughan
Nicole – Piano, Voice

I am always eager to help people learn whatever music they are interested in and can provide structured instruction, as well as lessons that are just for fun and exploration.

piano drums lessons toronto
Kostantinos – Piano, Drums

Classical music, Jazz, Popular music. In my lessons, I aim to teach in a simple way while making the lessons fun and interesting for each student. I also try to match the lessons subject to my students’ personality.

singing lessons Toronto x-factor
Brooke – Voice – Piano

– Popular music. I promise you, you’ll fall in love with music, melodies, instrumentation and performing. My piano lessons begin with rhythm exercises followed by warm-ups and some theory to help unlock your full potential and understanding of music.

piano lessons in Mississauga toronto with Toshio
Toshio – Piano

My overall goal is to make music easy for my students.  I explore a straight forward approach in my teaching method.  

Saxophone lessons Toronto
Leonid – Saxophones, Clarinet, Brass, Piano

I teach recorder/clarinet/saxophone/flute/trumpet/trombone/baritone/piano/music theory at all levels, from beginner to professional.

piano and singing lessons in Toronto with Priscila
Priscila – Piano, Voice

I believe that music learning should be an experience to create caring individuals not only to form professional musicians. Learning music helps us to be more accepting of our differences and more appreciative of diversity around us.

Hamid – Piano
Hamid – Piano

I believe a teacher, at first, has to make a good connection with their students and also make music lessons fun for them. I offer piano lessons, songwriting and music theory.

piano lessons Mississauga
Helen – Piano

I teach using methods drawn from RCM and ABRSM curriculums as well as from the Faber books. I have prepared custom paths for my past students whether they were beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

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Piano Lessons for kids Toronto. Lessons online, In-studio, or at your home.

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Book a trial lesson on your desired teachers page. After the trial, lessons are sold in groups of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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After purchase, your teacher will contact you to schedule the first lesson. Lessons take place once a week in home, at the teachers studio or online.

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How much do kids piano lessons cost in Toronto, Ontario?

The average price for private piano lessons in Toronto is:
– 30 minutes: $35.00
– 45 minutes: $48.00
– 60 minutes: $60.00
This is taken from an average of private piano teachers in Toronto. For children, we recommend the 30 minute option. For more detailed information read our article: How much do private piano lessons cost in Toronto, Ontario?

How much is a 30 minute piano lesson for kids in Toronto?

30 minutes: $35.00 CA
This price is taken as an average of piano teachers in Toronto. This price can vary from teacher to teacher, depending on the experience and education level of the teacher. 

What age should a child start piano lessons?

Piano lessons for kids can begin at any age. However, before the age of 5 years old, kids lack the proper motor skills to effectively learn the instrument. That being said, children under the age of 5 can certainly take lessons, but the lessons will be focused on piano games, note naming, easy rythmn training, and singing.

Which piano books are recommended for kids piano lessons?

The Alfred series for kids, and Faber’s primer level are well regarded as the go-to piano books for children. If you’re child is 6 years old or younger, Note-Making for Piano – A Colour Coded Method is ideal to make learning fun, engaging and accessible for young kids. For more information and links about piano books for kids, read our popular blog post: The 5 Best Piano Books for Beginners (Kids).

Where can I buy an inexpensive piano or keyboard for my kids in Toronto to get started?

Toronto Piano Centre, Merriam Music or Piano Depot offer great options for purchasing a piano. You can also shop online and find cost effective options. To learn more, read our blog article 5 Best Keyboard Pianos for Beginners and Kids (Cost-Effective).

How to select a good piano teacher for kids?

The main role of a piano teacher is to help kids develop a lifelong passion and love for music, while simultaneously instilling a growth mindset into the child. The first question to ask a potential music teacher is “what is your strategy for helping my child learn to love music?” Read our full article on Musiprof’s philosophy for teaching music to children.

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Musiprof offers high quality piano lessons for kids in Toronto, Ontario. Musiprof was created by music teachers to offer well paid music teaching opportunities to our teachers. This makes our teachers energized and motivated to provide the best quality education possible to their students. Piano lessons are available at the teachers studio, at-your-home or online.