How to help ukrainian refugees in montreal? A pianist offers free music lessons!

When thinking about how to help ukrainian refugees in Montreal, Olga Kudriakova decided they would offer free piano lessons to Ukrainian refugees who fled the war. Imagine beautiful piano music filling a room in Montreal. That’s where Olga and Maxim, two Ukrainian and Russian pianists, use their talent to help others.

Music is more than just notes for Olga. It’s a way to connect and express herself, just like learning another language. The pianists, now living in Montreal, wanted to share this love with refugees who needed comfort and a reminder of home.

Their journey wasn’t easy. Living in Moscow, they felt unsafe expressing their views about the war. So, they bravely left their successful music school and started anew in Montreal, a welcoming city that embraced their music and culture.

Description for this block. Use this space for describing your block.Before the war, Olga and Maxim had a thriving career, traveling and winning awards. But the war changed everything. Now, they use their skills to help refugees like 14-year-old Elisabeth. She fled Ukraine with her mom after seeing a bomb explode near their home. Despite the fear, Elisabeth still loves music. “I don’t want to stop playing just because someone wanted to fight,” she says.As they start their new lives in Montreal, Olga and Maxim keep sharing their music: Maxim in a band, Olga preparing for concerts. They continue to dream of a peaceful Ukraine, with Elisabeth envisioning herself playing in grand concert halls back home.

Karyna Lezhnina

Olga and Maxim are starting a new chapter in Montreal. Beside offering free piano lessons for Ukrainian refugees in Montreal, they still pursue their own music careers, with Maxim playing in a band and Olga preparing for concerts. But they also dream of sharing their music with students and building a future where everyone can live peacefully.

Elisabeth’s dream? Playing in packed concert halls back in Ukraine. And Olga hopes for a rebuilt Ukraine, filled with new opportunities and a united society. Despite the challenges, they hold onto hope, believing in the power of music to heal and unite.

This is a story about courage, kindness, and the power of music to bring people together, even in difficult times. The story of how music is helping Ukrainian refugees heal. It’s a reminder that hope and dreams can shine through, even in the darkest of moments.A beautiful example of the role of music in building bridges between cultures and overcoming adversity through music

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Karyna Lezhnina

CBC article featuring her story

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