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Are you an older beginner looking to start your piano lessons for adults in Montreal? Find the perfect piano teachers to meet your needs as an adult learner. Our teachers will patiently help your learn the music you love, no matter your age or previous piano experience. Select a teacher using the filters below, based on your location, style preference and price. Interested in Jazz piano lessons? See our list of teachers specializing in jazz piano. Our qualified and experienced teachers can help you reach your goals. 

singing jazz lessons

As a young author /composer /performer, I ask for nothing more than to share my knowledge with others.

Marie-Christa – Piano, Singing
Marie-Christa – Piano, Singing

I teach all levels and ages from beginner to advanced students as well as all ages. I teach Jazz, pop and Classical music.

piano lessons montreal
Quang – Piano

With my experience in piano performance and education in music pedagogy, I provide my students with the most useful strategies and knowledge, while working closely with their parents.

singing lessons Châteauguay
Audrey – Voice – Piano

High level of musical experience and a real zest for sharing my passion for all things musical. I’ll come to your South Shore home to teach.

leçon basse, leçon ukulélé
Todd – Bass – Ukulele – Guitar – Piano

For me it is important as a teacher to reach the objectives set by the student. If the student wants to play a certain piece, I will adapt my lessons to help him/her reach his/her goal.

Tuo Zheng piano lessons in the west island
Tuo – Piano

My lessons are adaptable to each student’s level and desired repertoire. I like to create a very relaxed atmosphere for my students to learn and be expressive in their playing, but at the same time reinforce basic pianistic techniques.

piano lessons Côte des Neiges
Melissa – Piano

I enjoy adapting to each student (what they want to play, their learning speed, etc.) as well as finding new ways to keep them engaged and help them achieve their goals.

Danielle – Violin – Piano
Danielle – Violin – Piano

Generally in my lessons, I’ll cover: scales and techniques, sight-reading or learning how to read music, ear training, fun games!

piano lessons DDO
Dora – Piano

My students learn, not only how to play an instrument, but they discover the world of music, in which they are capable to move with ease. Piano technique, repertoire, RCMT exams preparation.

piano lessons with william in Brossard
William – Piano

Gentle but serious approach that focuses on fundamentals of posture, technique, repertoire and theory.

Piano lessons Montreal with George
George – Piano

I love spending time creating specific curricula that matches what each of my students is interested in, and what might help them achieve their musical goals. I also have experience in working with those with learning disabilities.

cours de piano Outremont
Pierre – Piano

I adapt to the needs and interests of the students taking into account their musical level. I offer a personalized learning experience for each student.

piano lessons in verdun, Montreal with Priam
Priam – Piano

I create a space that is safe for making mistakes. I teach primarily classical music and composition.

Tatyana piano lessons downtown montreal
Tatyana – Piano

Level Taught:  beginner, intermediate, advanced. My teaching focuses on fostering an enjoyment and passion for music that will last a student’s lifetime. I hope to meet you soon! 

guitar laval piano
Serge – Guitar – Piano

Music teaching essentially consists of the understanding of the music, treating it as if it was a language, and the ideas can be played on any instrument.

piano lessons Carignan
Maryna – Piano

I am a proponent of the structured academic method of teaching piano. For me, each student is unique. It is the personality of each student: their interests, opportunities, desires, musical preferences and expectations are at the heart of the learning process.

piano lessons with Jaz in St-Leonard
Jaz – piano

I believe each person is a potential musician, sometimes talent is just hidden in plain sight. I’ll guide you through that process by personalizing your experience at your own tempo.

piano lessons with Alex in the west island
Alex – Piano

Classical repertoire, jazz, pop, technical elements (scales, chords, arpeggios), overview of musical history, musical theory, reading and composition, improvisation, sight reading, audition and examination preparation.

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How much do piano lessons for adults cost in Montreal?

The price for a 60 minute piano lesson in Montreal ranges from $40.00 CAD to $60.00 CAD, depending on the experience and education level of the teacher. This price will vary depending on the city in Canada.

Are piano lessons worth it for adults?

Piano lessons for adults are very popular. Studies have proven that adults of all ages exhibit brain plasticity. Meaning, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Furthermore, learning to play an instrument has proven benefits for preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in old age.
Adults may not learn as naturally and as quickly as young children, but they have the advantage of having better developed muscles and increased levels of discipline, which leads to better practising strategies.

How often should piano lessons be?

Piano lessons usually take place once per week. This is the standard for most piano teachers. The reason is that it allows students enough time to work on the lesson material between lessons. It’s important for students to have enough time between lessons to develop good practise habits. One lesson a week helps achieve that.

How long should piano lessons for adults last?

Musiprof offers the lesson length options: 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minutes. 1 hour or 60 minutes is the recommended length of time for an adult piano lesson. This is also the universal standard for piano lessons.

Is one piano lesson a week enough?

For most people, one lesson a week is ideal. For others, 2 lessons a week can allow a student to learn a complementary piano topic like technique, music theory or even music history.
Some students have difficulty working on piano lesson materials by themselves. They may lack discipline, or they could be struggling due to a learning disability. For these students, a second weekly lesson can allow them to revisit the material a second time or to help them learn to practise properly.

Is piano good for the brain?

Scientist have found that playing piano is like a full body workout for the brain. If you are interested in learning more on this topic, read How playing piano affects the brain.

Where can I go to buy a refurbished acoustic piano in Montreal?

Westend Piano offers piano refinishing, rebuilding and restoration. They also offer expertise in buying, selling, renting, moving, storing, tuning, repairing and just about anything relating to pianos.
To get in touch with Westend piano,

visit their website:Westend Piano,
or call/text or email Doug Yeats for an appointment:
514-486-5373 or 514-919-5373
[email protected]
17 Ronald Dr, Montreal West, Quebec H4X 1M9

Are online piano lessons for adults effective?

Since the start of the pandemic, online piano lessons have become ubiquitous. Students and teachers everywhere have become equipped and accustomed to doing their piano lessons online. Since restrictions have eased, most people have returned to in-person lessons, however if you are interested in doing online lessons, that option is certainly available.

What adult piano books are recommended to get started?

The Alfred and Faber adult piano method books are widely regarded as the go-to standard for adult beginners. That being said, there are many other great books that can appeal to different interests, such as the Pattern Play series for developing creativity, as well as Mikrokosmos, featuring the music of Bela Bartok. Learn more about these books and where to get them in our blog article The 5 Best Beginner Piano Books for Adults.

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