Voice Lessons in Montreal

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      A young vocalist performing a concert after taking voice lessons

      Learn to sing with voice lessons in Montreal!  No one voice is the same. Each voice has different tonal qualities and range, therefore a great teacher is able to tap into the unique qualities of the student and help them unleash their full potential. Our highly skilled teacher can offer high level vocal instruction and help you on your musical journey.  Whether you are interested in singing broadway, R&B, country music, pop, jazz, classical music we have the teacher to help you.  Our vocal coaches will create a curriculum that is uniquely designed to help you become a great singer.  About our school:

      Musiprof offers private singing classes in Montreal.  Classes are step by step and adapted beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Of course you can find thousands of videos on youtube, but a great teacher has the ability to prepare material that is uniquely suited for your individual needs.  Learn to sing in tune, develop diaphragm support and proper singing technique, improvisation, ear training, harmony and much more.

      Singing lessons for little singers:

      We also offer singing lessons for little singers. What is the best age to start singing lessons?  Children as young as 4 years can begin voice and music lessons.