What happens after the first lesson is completed?

After the first lesson is given, teachers must mark the lesson complete in the admnistration system. This action of marking the lesson complete notifies Musiprof, and allows us to follow up with the student in a timely manner.

  • After the first lesson is marked complete, Musiprof will reach out to the student to see if the are interested in purchasing a package of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. We provide a discount of $20OFF for 10 lessons purchased and $40OFF for 15 lessons.
  • Once a student has confirmed their package selection, the teacher receives an email confirmation titled: Order confirmation – (instrument) lessons with (Student). Please wait until receiving this confirmation before providing any more lessons.
  • After receiving the package confirmation, you can pre-schedule all the lessons ahead of time. (This can be done automatically and will be covered later in this course).
  • Once the package of lessons is done, Musiprof will contact the student for renewal. *You do not need to email Musiprof about this as we are able to track when a package of lessons is completed.

*Some students are not interested in purchasing a package of lessons, these students may opt to pay for one lesson at time. The two conditions for this option are that the teacher must be in agreement and the student must save an active credit card on their account.

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