Cancelling and rescheduling lessons

As life happens, sometimes lesson will need to be rescheduled, cancelled or cancelled yet charged. Here is how to proceed for these 3 options in the Musiprof system.

Option 1: Rescheduling a lesson

  • login -> My Jobs -> open the specific lesson -> click actions -> edit
  • Modify the date and time -> press update lesson
  • An email notification will be sent to the student to notify them of the new date and time.

Option 2: Cancelling a lesson

  • To cancel a lesson altogether, press the cancel button on the lesson.
  • The student will also receive an email notification of the cancellation. If you do not wish to notify the student, you can simply delete the lesson by pressing -> Actions -> Delete.

Option 3: Cancelling yet charging

  • If a student cancels with less than 24 hours notice, you can cancel yet charge the lesson. To do this press the dropdown (upside down triangle) next to cancel button and select -> cancel but still charge.
  • Write a short explanation as to why you are cancelling yet charging.
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