New Student Requests

There are two ways for students to find a music teacher with Musiprof. The first and most common way described here, is for the student to request a specific teacher after browsing the website. The following steps outline how it works.

  • A student discovers the Musiprof website, then filters through the list of teachers based on their preferred instrument, location and musical style.
  • The student fills out the contact form of the teacher they are interested in studying with.
  • The teacher then receives an email notification with details about the student. The notification looks like this: (the email will come from [email protected]. Please make sure to add this email to your contact list or it might end up in your junk folder).
  • The teacher’s responsibility is to contact the student by phone or email within 24-48 hours to discuss setting up an introductory lesson. (At this point, it is a good idea to remind the student of your charge rate, since they may not remember the specific details).
  • Once the date and time of this first lesson is confirmed, the teacher should login to their account and schedule the lesson in the designated job. *Please plan lessons with at least 2 days notice in order to allow Musiprof enough time to handle the student payment details.
    • The specific job can be accessed by either pressing the view jobs button in the email, or by logging in to your account -> my jobs (in the sidebar) -> opening the job in question.
  • Once the specific job is open -> Press add new lesson
  • Give the lesson a name and add the date and time of the lesson.
    • Make sure to input the correct duration of the lesson (30, 45 or 60 minutes).

For ex.

  • Make sure to enter the location of the lesson from the dropdown. Musiprof will use this information to add the at-home lesson fee or not. If the lesson is online, leave it blank.
  • Finally, press schedule future lesson.
  • Musiprof will then handle sending a payment request to the student based on the details inputed here (lesson length, location, teacher charge rate).
  • Students must pay for their lesson in advance. However, it may happen that a student does not follow through with payment. If this happens, you will receive an email on the day of the lesson to remind the student to follow through with payment. Do not provide a lesson to a student that has not paid (or else we cannot garantee that you will be paid).
    • If the student doesn’t pay and does not show up for the lesson, unfortunately we cannot pay the teacher for this lesson.
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