Student Registration Agreement

Student commitment:


  • Musiprof students are required to notify their teacher 24 hours in advance if they cannot attend a regular lesson. Without a 24-hour notice to the teacher, the lesson will be considered complete and the teacher will be paid. Thank you for understanding that this is how our teachers earn their living and their time needs to be respected accordingly.


  • A maximum of TWO (2) lessons can be postponed per lesson package.


  • Any missed lesson must be postponed and completed within 30 days of the end date of the session. Please note that this maintains consistency both from an educational point of view (keeping you inspired and motivated!) And also from a financial point of view for our teachers. 


  • Your first lesson is a trial lesson, so we make sure that you have found a perfect match between student and teacher. If you want to stop classes after the first class, Musiprof will help you find a new teacher or reimburse you for the remaining unused lessons. Your choice. After the second lesson, please note that it will no longer be possible to receive a refund.


  • Student references! If you like your Musiprof classes and want to sponsor your friends, we thank you by offering a $20 discount on your next registration for each reference! Please, let us know if you have sponsored a friend!