General Requests

In some cases, a general request for music lessons is made by a student. If you are qualified (instrument, location, musical style) you will receive an email notification about the job. If interested, you must apply for the job. The steps for this process are the following.

  • You will receive an email notification with the following title: New Job Available for Application: Enquiry from first name of student
  • The email looks like this:
  • If interested, press Apply now in the email.
  • You will be directed to the Available Jobs section of the administration system -> Press Apply for Job
  • Write a short message and press save
  • The candidate that best fits the students requirements, or the fastest to apply, will be selected. If your application is accepted, you will receive a similar notification as in option 1. Please follow the same steps from that point forward.
  • Please do not apply for jobs in the Available Jobs section if you did not receive an email notification, because you are unlikely to be accepted for the job since you are most likely not qualified.
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