5 best places to Buy a Ukulele in Montreal

Where to buy a ukulele in Montreal

Looking to buy a ukulele in Montreal? I will first discuss a few basics like tuning and the different ukulele sizes available. Secondly, I will provide information about where to buy a ukulele in Montreal and our top picks to make the choice easy for you.

*The price of the suggested ukuleles in this article hovers between $80.00 – $100.00 CAD. The reason is that you should aim to spend at least this much on your first ukulele. Anything less will probably not sound very good or hold it’s tuning.


When deciding to buy a ukulele, you should also get a ukulele tuner. Moreover, It’s important to tune your ukulele every time you pick it up to play. The easiest and cheapest option is to simply download a free app. See the suggestions below.

iPhone: Tunefor Ukulele tuner & chords

Android: Ukulele Tuner Pocket

*When you first buy a ukulele, it will not hold it’s tuning. When strings are new, it takes several tunings before they become settled and hold their tuning.

The Different Types of Ukuleles:

The different ukulele sizes

There are 4 standard ukulele sizes. The main difference between them is their size and the richness of their tone. A second difference is that the Soprano, Concert and Tenor are tuned G,C,E,A while the Baritone is tuned D,G,B,E.

The four types of ukuleles are listed below in order of size. Don’t worry too much about the type of ukulele if you are just starting out. Choose one that sounds, looks and feels good to you. I would recommend starting with a Soprano or Concert (as they are the most common ones).


length: 21 inches

This is the standard-size ukulele and the most common. It is the smallest of the ukuleles and perfect for all ages. The soprano’s small size makes it very easy to transport.


length: 23 inches

The concert ukulele is slightly larger than the Soprano by a few inches and has a bolder sound. The concert ukulele is ideal for someone with larger fingers.


length: 26 inches

The tenor ukulele is significantly bigger than the soprano and produces a more vibrant tone. The tenor ukulele allows you to play much higher up the fretboard.

*Most ukulele players use only the first 4 frets to play the chords of popular songs. Therefore, the extra frets on the tenor are unnecessary for most people.


length: 30 inches +

Lastly, the baritone is about 10 inches longer than the soprano and tuned like the first 4 strings of the guitar. The baritone doesn’t have the same bright sound as the smaller ukuleles. However, It is often the preferred choice by guitarists because of the similar tuning.

Great stores to buy a ukulele in Montreal

Steve’s Music: Downtown

buy a ukulele in Montreal at Steve's music
150 St Catherine St E, Montreal, Quebec H2X 1K9

*A few steps from Berri-Uqam and St-Laurent Metro stations

Ukuleles available at Steve’s

-> Our pick: Twisted Wood offers a great entry-level ukulele made out of Sapele wood. It is a good quality instrument for a great price.

Tyro ukulele available at Steve's music in Montreal
Twisted Wood – Tyro TY-050S Soprano Ukulele

Long and Mcquade: Montreal North

Long and Mcquade - a good place to shop for a ukulele in Montreal
10715 Pie-IX Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H1H 4A8

Ukulele’s available at Long and Mcquade

-> Our Pick: For under $100. the Leho soprano ukulele is great. It’s well-built and provides a smooth and consistent tone.

Leho Ukulele available at Long and Mquade in Montreal
Leho Ukulele

Jimmy’s Music Store: NDG

Jimmy's music store offers ukuleles from $80-$500 in Montreal.
5776 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, Quebec H4A 1X1 (NDG)

To buy a ukulele in Montreal in $80.00-$100.00 range, Jimmy’s offers:

-> Our Pick: Kala is a good brand of ukulele. It is made out of Mahogany wood and delivers a nice sound that is bright, yet warm and provides enough volume to be heard while playing in a group. 

Kala ukulele available at Long and Mcquade in Montreal
Kala Ukulele

*Jimmy’s doesn’t have a website, but you can try the instruments by visiting their store.

Nantel: Plateau – Mont-Royal

Nantel Music Store
4590 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1R3

Nantel has a range of good ukuleles for $100.00.

Our Pick: The Alvarez Regent Soprano Ukulele – RU22S is just over $100. It is well built with a beautiful wood finish, and has a great tone.

Alvarez ukulele at Nantel Musique in the Plateau Mont-Royal
Alvarez ukulele

Archambault: Downtown

Archambault selling ukuleles downton Montreal

-> Our Pick: Olioli acajou with a mat finish – $79.99. The Olioli is a great instrument and the quality/price can’t be beat.

Acajou Soprano by Olioli

How to learn to play the ukulele

The ukulele has become very popular in recent years. Therefore, many resources have become available to help you learn.

Find a teacher:

This is the most expensive option but will provide you with the best results. A good teacher will structure your practice, help you avoid any “roadblocks” and provide you with pedagogical materials to help make your learning as smooth as possible.

Find a qualified ukulele teacher in Montreal near you.

Qualified ukulele teachers in Montreal

Complete the teacher’s signup form and they will contact you within 24-48 hours to set up a lesson:

Online resources:

Here at Musiprof, we’ve written several articles with pdf and videos to help you learn the basics:

Buy a ukulele book

This is one of the best beginner ukulele books. The book is designed for kids but is suitable for adults. As a ukulele teacher myself, I’ve gone through a variety of ukulele method books and I’ve found this one to be one of the best for both adults and kids. Moreover, the song selection is great and includes popular songs such as Yellow Submarine, I’m Yours, Mr. Tambourine Man, 3 Little Birds, and much more.

Buy Online in Canada ->  16.39 CAD

in Conclusion

I hope this article helped you choose to buy a ukulele in Montreal. Suppose you’re looking for a teacher to help you along the way. Musiprof can help you find a great ukulele teacher near you. Visit, ukulele lessons in Montreal.

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