Teacher Agreement

  • Teachers agree to respond to student communications within a 24-48h timeframe either by email or telephone.
  • Teachers agree to keep Musiprof informed about the date and time of trial lessons, preferably by email. Payment to teachers happen only after the trial lessons have been scheduled and that information sent to < [email protected] >.
  • Teachers reserve the right to refuse a student or to turn down a request for communication with them. We ask that you communicate the reason to Musiprof, in order for us to remain informed and react appropriately.
  • Teachers agree to inform Musiprof as soon as possible if they do not have any remaining student availabilities. Your profile will be temporarily paused, and new students will no longer be able to contact you.
  • Teachers agree to direct the student to the Musiprof website for package renewals and not to take on the students directly without Musiprof.