How payment works

  • Teachers choose their own charge rate based on a tier system. The specific charge rate can be selected when setting up your profile. (Ie. charge rates vary from $35/hour to $80/ hour and should be chosen based on experience and location). *Charge rate is the amount charged to clients.
  • To cover the expenses associated with advertising and administration, Musiprof retains a commission of 25% per lesson, which is deducted from your selected charge rate. This 25% commission applies only to to the first lesson and the first package of lessons that is purchased.
  • After the first package of lessons is completed, If/when a student decides to renew, Musiprof’s comission goes down to 10% for the remainder of the contract.
  • To provide a concrete example, if lessons are set to $40/hour, on the first bloc of lessons, teachers get $40 – $10 (commission of 25%) = $30/per lesson (75% of $40). Upon renewal, pay increases to $40 – $4 (commision of 10%) = $36/per lesson (90% of $40).
  • Discounts on purchases of 10 or 15 lessons are provided to encourage our students to buy the longer packages. The discounts are: $20 off for 10 lesson purchases and $40 off on 15 lesson purchases.
  • Discounts are covered by Musiprof on the first package of lessons only.
  • Upon renewals, the discounts are deducted from the teachers pay.
  • Teachers are paid by direct deposit on the first day of each month. If the first falls on a weekend, the payment will be sent the following Monday. You do not need to email Musiprof on payday. You will receive a notification during the day that the payment has been processed.

*The changing commission format is innovative and is based on the idea that it takes more effort and ressources for the business to find new students. After that, if a student is happy with their teacher and wants to continue studying, our role is less significant.


  • When it comes time for a Musiprof student to renew, Musiprof will contact the student to see if they would like to renew. *You do not need to inform Musiprof that the package is completed, as we are able to monitor how many lessons are left on a package and when it is time for renewal.
  • You will then be notified if a student has renewed or not.
  • If discounts are added, they will be deducted from the teachers pay on renewals.

For instance at $50/lesson:

5 Lessons = $250 (90% of $250) = $225/5 = $45 per lesson
10 lessons = $500 (90% of $500) = $450 – discount $20 = $430/10 = $43 per lesson
15 lessons = $750 (90% of $750) = $675 – discount $40 = $635/15 = $42.33 per lesson

*We think this is a win-win-win for students, teachers, and Musiprof alike, as it gives students financial incentive to buy longer packages, which then gives both teachers and Musiprof a more consistent, recurring and stable income.

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