How and when you get paid

Payments to teachers are made once per month on the first day of the month. Typically this falls on the 1st, however if the first day on the month falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, then the payment will get pushed to the following Monday or business day. To be paid for a lesson, the following steps need to be followed.

  • Lessons need to be scheduled and marked complete in the administration system.
  • If a lesson is not scheduled and marked complete, it can be done retroactively, however the payment will get delayed until the next pay date (the first of the following month).
  • Teachers must have an active Canadien bank account. All payments are made in Canadien dollars (CAD).
  • Direct deposit information needs to be saved on your profile, including (Transit # (5 digits), Institution # (3 digits), Account # (at least 7 digits), type of account (checking or savings). This information is typically available on a void check.
  • If there are errors in your account details, your payment will be delayed and you will receive an email explaining the error. You will be asked to fix the error and your payment will be delayed (usually by one week).
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