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Are you interested to taking jazz piano lessons in the Vancouver area? Musiprof offers a selection of qualified teachers that offer jazz piano lessons in Vancouver. Use the filters to browse our various teacher profiles. Choose based on location, price, teaching experience, or simply your gut feeling. Our teachers will be able to help you with your learning, no matter your level of experience. Classes are offered at your home, the teacher’s studio, or online.  At Musiprof, we can assure you that every teacher is qualified with teaching experience.

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Jazz Piano Lessons Vancouver – Professional Teachers Who Listen to You

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How it Works

Step 1

Search for a teacher:

Compare different teachers based on criteria that matter to you, including location, age, experience, and teaching style.

Step 2

Contact your teacher:

Contact the teacher of your choice to schedule a first lesson. Once the lesson is scheduled, a payment request will be sent by email.

Step 3

Take a Lesson Package:

If you feel it’s a good fit with your teacher, lessons are sold in packages of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. Pay for the lessons using your credit card.

Jazz Piano Lessons Vancouver – Possibilities For Online Learning.

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  • The teachers at Musiprof offer you the possibility to do your lessons online from your home.
  • There is no difference in price with the one-to-one courses. 
  • Equipment required: videoconferencing software, such as Zoom, Skype, or Facetime, a well lit room, a microphone (optional)

Jazz Piano Lessons For The Less Experienced

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If you are a beginner, our teachers will be happy to take the time to guide you in learning the basics, to eventually be able to practice jazz piano. You will need to go over the basics with your tutor. This includes reading sheet music, understanding basic chords, and playing scales. Each person must learn at their own pace and your teacher will adapt to yours.

Experience Playing Jazz Piano In a Band.​

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The best practice for mastering jazz piano is to immerse yourself in practice with other musicians who practice another instrument. Such as a drummer, bass and/or guitar player. This is the ultimate experience to understand the language and energy of this style of music. It allows you to experience the connection and chemistry that is created when you play in a band. When you have reached the required level, ask your piano teacher if they can place you in a group with other jazz musicians of a similar level.


What are the fees for jazz piano lessons in Vancouver?

See below for the average prices for jazz piano lessons in Vancouver.

– 30 minutes: $31.50
– 45 minutes: $41.25
– 60 minutes: $50.00

I would like to know how long it will take to learn to play the piano?

Before answering this question, it is important to determine your personal goals related to learning the piano. If you are starting from scratch, you can expect to be able to read sheet music and also play a few songs like Amazing Grace or Jingle Bells in 3 to 6 months.
According to studies in the music field, it would take an average of about 10,000 hours of practice to reach the elite level. If your goal is to reach a professional level, you should be prepared to put in thousands of hours of practice time.

How much should I expect to pay for a 30-minute lesson?

Depending on the teacher, the price for a 30 minute piano lesson in Vancouver is $30 to $35 CAD. This time length is generally for children under 12.

About The Musiprof School Of Music

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Musiprof is a Canadian company that connects students with experienced and professional music teachers. Musiprof offers its services throughout Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. Thanks to the multitude and wide range of qualified teachers, students at Musiprof are able to learn the instrument and style of their choosing.

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