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Welcome to Musiprof! Please complete the following lessons in the order that they are presented. Lessons that contain a quiz will need to be successfully passed before marking the lesson complete and moving on.

  1. Please bookmark this link so you can return to it when you need to. (the login on Musiprof.com is for the admin system and not this course).
  2. Complete the lessons and quizzes in the How it works section (approx. 30-45 min).
  3. Next, set up your teacher profile while following the setting up your profile lesson.
  4. Finally, work through the lessons on how to use the administration system (approx. 45min). Once you’ve passed the short quiz at the end, you will receive a certificate.
  5. Please email the certificate to: [email protected]
  6. We will then review your profile. Once approved, it will be displayed on the site and you can begin accepting new students.
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