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The Full Moeller Technique Course

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The Moeller Technique Course for Optimal Drumming rating

The course includes:

  • How to hold your sticks properly in the German Grip, so you can master your fundamentals.
  • Over 30 comprehensive and to-the-point video lessons that will allow you to review each exercise until you get them just right.
  • Detailed breakdowns of the building blocks that make up the technique, so you can build your skills 1-step-at-a-time without getting lost.
  • Clear demonstrations of the important role of each finger and how to use fulcrum so that you can avoid and heal drumming injuries.
  • The 3-Note, 4-Note and 2-Note Moeller exercises, which allow you to play any combination of fast accented single strokes.
  • Developing hand speed so you can play impressive drum solos, smooth drum fills and rock solid grooves.
  • Play fast accented 32nd notes.
  • Wipeout by the Surfaris
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