French Grip for the Drums – Online Course

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The online course includes:

  • 40 detailed video lessons that will allow you to master the french grip.
  • How to master your fundamentals so that you learn the technique effectively.
  • 10 advanced paradiddle variations that allow you to develop flow in the french grip.
  • The trampoline bounce to effortlessly flow through all the subdivisions.
  • Develop finger-control so you can develop speed with only your fingers.
  • Use movement and gravity to strike the drum rather than muscular tension, which prevents injuries.
  • How to play an effortless jazz ride cymbal or Samba pattern.
  • Detailed practise plan to make sure you spend the right amount of time on each exercise.

Course Content

Section 1: French Grip Fundamentals
Section 2: Paradiddles Page 1
Section 3: Paradiddles Page 2
Section 4: Open Bounce and Finger Control
The Jazz Ride Cymbal Pattern
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