Rock Band Class

Join us weekly for an immersive 2-hour rock band class, where you’ll collaboratively build a captivating repertoire of your choosing. Immerse yourself in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, guided by our teachers expertise. Song selections will be a result of group input, ensuring they align with your skill level. Band includes guitar, drums, singing, bass and piano.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Revel in the communal joy of music-making
  • Achieve a harmonious flow state during your musical journey
  • Enhance your instrumental prowess
  • Cultivate the art of musical improvisation
  • Develop acute self-awareness while harmonizing with fellow musicians
  • Master the skill of expressing musical concepts within a group dynamic
  • Showcase your musical growth by performing an array of chosen songs at a special recital.

Prerequisite knowledge:

  • Basic proficiency on either electric guitar, drums, bass, singing or piano

Materials Needed:

  • Your intrument (amps and drum kit are provided)


  • Elijah Baker

Elijah is a university-educated music professional with extensive experience for both teaching and musical performance. Since completing his Bachelor of Music degree at Concordia University in 2010, he has played music across each province in Canada and in more than 20 countries around the world. Elijah teaches private and group classes to students in the Montreal area. His greatest strength is his ability to bring out the inner creativity of each student and transform the learning process of music into a real pleasure!

Class details:

Cost for the course: $390.00 (*non-refundable after the first class)

Class dates: Winter Session (Schedule TBD)

Location: 1236 Rue Atateken

Group size: 4-5 students

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