Group Guitar Class with Aaron Saloman

Unlock the world of guitar with our dynamic group guitar class – perfect for beginners! Dive into the magic of music as we guide you from zero previous knowledge to strumming your favorite tunes. From the get-go, we’ll conquer the physical challenges, fine-tuning your seated position, mastering the pick, and nailing that fretting hand precision. As your skills blossom, we’ll venture into the realm of chords, unraveling the secrets of chord diagrams and unleashing your inner musician. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey through iconic hits like Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” by lesson 2 or 3, making music a reality sooner than you think.

By the end of our group guitar class, you will:

  • Master fundamental guitar techniques, including proper seated position, pick handling, and fretting hand placement.
  • Read and interpret chord diagrams fluently, enabling you to strum through chords with ease.
  • Play complete songs like Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” within a few lessons, building early musical confidence.
  • Explore major, minor, and dominant chords, progressing towards barre chords as you grow comfortable.
  • Grasp key music theory concepts, such as scales, modes, and interval recognition, enhancing your understanding of music’s language.
  • Develop practical ear training skills, connecting theory to sound and emotion in your playing.

Prerequisites :

  • None
  • Intended for beginners, but all levels are welcome!

Equipment required :

  • your own acoustic guitar
  • binder or duo-tang
  • pick
  • tuner
  • capo

Instructor: Aaron Saloman

Hi my name is Aaron and I will be your guitar teacher for this course. As a full-time musician, I’ve worn several professional hats. I’ve worked in live sound, composed for video games, placed music in hundreds of television shows, mixed and mastered albums, and produced recordings for other artists, in addition to my own performing career. This varied experience allows me to communicate to students how guitar fits into the bigger musical picture. I teach students how to work with other musicians, play to serve the song, and develop excellent listening skills. Students benefit from this multifaceted approach whether their goal is to be a musical hobbyist, academic, or professional.

Class details:

Proposed class times:

Cost: $390.00 (*non-refundable after first class)

Course dates: Winter Sessions (schedule TBD)

Course location: 123 rue St pierre, H2Y 3T5, Montreal.

Group size: 4-8 students

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