Andrew – Violin


violin lessons in Richmond Vancouver with Andrew

Violin Teacher

  • Teaching: 17 yrs
  • Studio: Richmond
  • Intersection: Dubbert St. and Odlin Rd.
  • Skytrain: Aberdeen Station
  • Bus: 405, 410, 430
  • Languages: English
  • Lessons options: at-the-students-home, online

Price per lesson


Level Taught:  beginner, intermediate, advanced

As a teacher, my main goal is to inspire and motivate students to do their best. I am able to instill a sense of music appreciation while at the same time teach students about the technical aspects of music and the violin.

I am keenly aware of the importance of communication, conveying information and skills in a supportive, respectful and diverse manner.

I encourage my students to balance foundational techniques, accuracy and musicality in everyday playing. By utilizing these effective methods, I am able to reach out to each student, introduce new concepts and foster a fun learning environment.

Learning music helps students find their self-expression through different music genres they choose to play. It develops their musicianship, self-confidence and overall appreciation. As a result, it helps students blossom into well-rounded individuals.

I am passionate about teaching students of all ages, with a variety of abilities and goals. Through my passion of teaching, I bring a fun yet inspiring atmosphere into the lesson.

Education and Experience:

I graduated with a Bachelor of Music (Performance) from The Vancouver Academy of Music.

I have taught for seventeen years and currently teach at several music schools, and maintain a private studio.

During my seventeen years of teaching, I have taken advantage of many opportunities to develop my teaching abilities. I have been fortunate enough to educate a diverse group of students. I have taught children with disabilities from attention deficit disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, and autism.

It is so rewarding to witness student’s development of concentration, creativity, and self confidence.

Dubbert St. and Odlin Rd. Richmond, Vancouver, BC.

Andrew offers at-home lessons in the following locations:

Burnaby, Richmond and Vancouver.

* an additional 2$/per lesson add-on is charged for transportation. 

Online video lessons available

  • Zoom