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bass, guitar, ukulele, Songwriting

  • Teaching: 3 yrs
  • Studio: Kitsilano
  • Metro: Olympic Village
  • Languages: EN, Turkish
  • Lessons options: in-studio, online, at-home

Price per lesson

Level Taught:  (Electric Bass) : beginner, intermediate, advanced

Level Taught:  (Guitar) : beginner, intermediate

Level Taught:  (Ukulele) : beginner

Ages: All – children, youths, adults, seniors.

Subjects: Jazz, Popular

Teaching Approach and Lesson Topics:

Playing the bass is easy and fun! With 20+ years of experience, I will teach you how to play the bass in as little as 15 minutes a day!

No boring scale and arpeggio exercises, until you reach the advanced level where it is not avoidable! I make learning easy and fun by teaching mainly through songs. In the first lessons, I will assess your playing and craft a personalized path to address the weak spots in your playing regardless of your level (Technical, theoretical, ear training, memorization). Then, I will monitor your progress continuously and give you new tools to enrich your musicianship and achieve fast and easy progress.

You will play a lot of songs and learn from the greatest bass players in history. We will cover:
– Timeless Rock and metal classics (Nirvana, Guns’n Roses, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Gary Moore, Metallica)
– Iconic Pop grooves (Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Jamiroquai, Bruno Mars, Daft Punk)
– Melodious Jazz Lines (Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Charlie Parker)
– Lush RnB and Soul Tunes (Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Ledisi, Incognito, Electro Deluxe)
and many more…

Beginner topics:
– Playing posture, hand position, tuning, primary instrument care
– Sound production and finger coordination exercises
– Economy of movement, good practices to avoid injuries
– Music notation, names and duration of notes and rests, key and time signatures
– Fingerboard knowledge
– Easy song transcriptions, grooving, playing with a metronome
– Ear training, song structures
– Role of the bass player in different settings (bands, genres, orchestras, etc.)

– Music theory, odd time signatures
– Song transcriptions, ear training
– Speed, dexterity, and fluidity
– Sound production techniques (Slapping, tapping, muting, keyboard synth bass)
– Creating your own bass grooves and fills
– Tone shaping (hands and electronics)
– Style-specific playing, sound production techniques, and tone-shaping (Pop, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Gospel, Rock, Metal, Afro)
– Gig etiquette, instrument maintenance

– Ear training
– Music theory
– Sight-reading
– Improvisation
– Chordal playing
– Repertoire
– Fine subtle technical details

Don’t waste time, let’s play together and have fun!


Cagin is a multi-instrumentalist, playing the Classical Kamancheh, Bass Guitar, Piano, and Guitar, thanks to his curiosity. Born and raised in Turkey, he studied the bass guitar with the best private teachers. In 2012, he got accepted into Berklee College of Music, but couldn’t move to the US. In Turkey, he has toured extensively with the biggest celebrities for nearly a decade and then moved to Vancouver in March 2022

Cagin offers at-home lessons in the following locations:

Downtown, Kitsilano, West End, Point Grey, Fairview, Mount Pleasant, Arbutus Ridge, Shaughnessy, South Camble 

* an additional 10$/per lesson add-on is charged for transportation. 

Online video lessons available

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Face Time


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